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What will happen if I’m in a busy airport? EGLL for example. Even with lowest settings my phone lags and froze a lot (J7 Prime, Exynos 7870). How will the S8 and S9 perform in such situations? Pardon me for asking these questions, I can’t decide whether I should go for the S8 or the S9.


Don’t worry about asking questions, that’s what this thread is for!

In regards to performance, every device is different. Typically speaking, you’ll see less of a performance drop if you’re using the S9. The S8 is almost 2 years old now, although it does hold up very well. Other Snapdragon devices such as the Google Pixel 2Xl and Razer Phone (My personal devices) are still smooth even at the busiest airports. I suppose really it comes down to your personal preference and amount of money you’re willing to spend.
But if you want it as smooth as possible, get the S9 :)


So I shouldn’t expect much difference with an S8 then? I really want to join community events and gather with the community, doing flights together or fly-outs, and I can’t do so with my current phone, so I have an eye on the S8 and S9 (second hand btw), and I want to make the most out of my money.


Huawei P Smart 2019

Graphics : High/high
Anti-Aliasing : Off (Didn’t tried with it on)
Airplane count : Very high.
Note : May lag if you’re in a very busy airport and i’ll try with Anti-Aliasing.

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What do you guys think about the Honor View 20?


Copy of the new samsung phone.

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Device : IPhone 5S
OS : IOS 12.1.4
Rendering Quality :High
Rendering Resolution :Medium
Texture quality :Medium
Anti-Aliasing : On
Limit framerate : On
Airplane count :Very High
GeekBench Scores :Single Core:1264 Dual Core:2146
Notes :For screenshots the size can be a little small but you can get one of these for under £50 and they work really well.


@PlaneCrazy Could you say something about brightness? Or could you please provide a night scenery screenshot?

Thanks, Tom

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Hi @Kirito_77 great thread so far.
What I haven’t found yet was information about the displays. Especially when it comes to night taxiing or night scenery shots. With the iOS devices I am aware of you just see nothing except the lights, even with brightness to max.
An additional remark if someone tested external display or Joystick would be appreciated as well.

Move on!


Typically, displays are difficult to gauge… I can list the resolution etc, but without personally owning all of these devices, there is no way for me to tell you which one is better in the dark.

It’s the same with joysticks. I can state which device’s should support a joystick, but without testing I cannot guarantee

I have to rely on many people to help me build this thread, and I’m again unable to edit it (not regular enough 🙄) but I’m sure if you were to DM anyone that’s listed a device they’d be happy to help you 🙂


Ok, that’s what I thought just want to be sure that I haven’t missed something. If you want to continue your excellent work here you might take this as a suggestion what to ask contributers in addition.

Thank you very much,

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The AMOLED screen does make it difficult to see dark photos, it seems to turn them down quite a bit more than how they look on other devices. I don’t have any problems with night scenery in IF though, everything’s pretty bright. It’s only after I take a screenshot of the night and then view it that I have some brightness issues. Other than that, the screen is absolutely beautiful. That’s just how AMOLED screens are in my experience, the brights are especially bright and the darks are specially dark.

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And to top that off, AMOLED and indeed POLED panels are more vibrant and colour accurate than the typical LCD, even Apples Liquid Retina (which is still a LCD 🙄)
I wouldn’t go back to a LCD, unless there was something really special about it such as the Razer Phones 120hz display 🤷

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I read that the AMOLED screens are on Galaxy Tab S3’s and higher…are they less a factor for eyestrain than the earlier versions for continuous viewing …and outside of being brighter at night what other advantages do they have over their predecessor

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Hey man, can you tell more about the Samsung Galaxy A7? Do you play at max settings? I’m probably going to buy the A7 if I know it runs IF smooth


It runs smooth on high high and high but might get choppy on anti aliasing and it runs well on limit frame rate so its only anti aliasing that may be laggy, you can fix it by reducing graphic.
The a7 runs on exynos 7885 so its not too bad and has a 3300mah battery with a SUPER AMOLED screen making it vibrant compared to LCD (the one apple uses)
I would recommend this BUT if you really like max preformance i would suggest maybe an a9 or s8 s9 s10 or note 8 or 9 (phones with higher preformance)


There you go mt friend 👆


Should I buy Google Pixel 3 XL? There is a 33% sale here in Taiwan on the Google 3 XL.


Well… That’s up to you 🙃 After the latest OTA patch she’s running faster than ever, and with the best camera on any smartphone, it’s still an amazing device to get . IF performance would be great too


Not necessarily. AMOLED screens also have lots of issues with colour shift and burn in.

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