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I’m surprised no one has added the 3rd Gen 12.9 in iPad Pro/11 in iPad Pro yet.
@Chatta290 didn’t you buy that and use IF on it?

@Pilot_B As A320 said, use the format below. Just copy the raw text and replace the non-bolded words with your device specifications.

Don’t worry about adding it to the main topic post, just reply to the topic and a regular or @Kirito_77 will add it for you.


That’s fine, I’ve taken note of this. If you just fill out the details and either post it here or send me a PM, I’ll make sure it’s correct or I’ll have it added tomorrow morning as it’s sleep time 😴😴


Device : iPad 6th Generation
OS : IOS 11.2.5
Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Limit framerate : Off
Airplane count : Very High
GeekBench Scores : 3482/5229
Notes : Runs extremely smoothly. May want to limit airplane count at very busy airports. Restart is also recommended every once in a while for obvious reasons.

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Yes I have it. Everything is great I just dont have all the factors to list it here.

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I managed to circumvent this issue soon after I made my original post. You can delete this bit of text under the Note9


Since I’ve been using the XR, the one thing I don’t like is how dark IF is at night. Not sure if it has to do with screen (not a tech guy) but it’s much harder to see with full brightness when I did not have to use more than say, 75% brightness coming from my iPhone 6


Someone mind adding this?
Device : iPhone XS Max
OS : iOS 12.1.3
Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Limit framerate : Off
Airplane count : Very High
GeekBench Scores : 4762 / 11303
Notes : Powerful phone - max graphics & everything, performs like a beast. Mine hasn’t really gotten too hot. Quick note - you forget what lag is after a while.


Does it look darker in general or only on Infinite Flight?
The display on the XR is brighter than the 6… it’s either a software bug or the result of higher contrast/better color accuracy.


Only on in IF, I turned “True-tone” off to see if it changed anything buy it didn’t


Yeah, it must be something on Infinite’s Flight end then.
Try looking up to see if any Support topics have been opened up to the issue your experiencing, and if not, open your own.


I own the IPad Air 2 at the moment and I’m looking for a replacement. The IPad Pro 11” seems to be my best option and I’m willing to dish out nearly 1K for it.
How do the regular IPads stack up against the pro lineup? For example, the “normal” IPads don’t have a laminated display like my air 2 has. Is this a noticeable change? Also, how does the A10 run infinite flight compared to the A12X? Is the A10 still “future proof”? Is 32GB’s of storage enough for IF to run of for the next 3~ years?

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From what I’ve heard, many people do notice the non-laminated display. I mean, it’s not dealbreaker-level, but it is noticeable.
With the iPad Pro vs iPad… honestly, the iPad Pro is probably overkill for Infinite Flight. I’m sure @Chatta290 can atest to this. The iPad 2018 can run Infinite Flight on max settings perfectly well. iPad Pro 2018 is ~3x more powerful… so you can see how it can be getting more overkill.
Honestly… if you want an iPad PURELY for Infinite Flight, I would just get the iPad 2018 or wait for the 2019 baseline iPad. It’ll probably last you at least a year or 2 with Infinite Flight and for only $329 that’s not bad.
However… I can see an advantage getting the iPad Pro. Obviously, everything about it is better than the baseline iPad. And, with animated cockpits arriving (which take up a lot of processing power), getting the Pro might not be a bad idea if you want it to last 3-4+ years. Honestly, it’s up to you and if you really want the FaceID, laminated display and thin bezels of the Pro or are fine with getting the iPad 2018 purely for just enough power for Infinite Flight.
Now, with the storage space… I would recommend getting more than 32 GB because I’m sure Infinite Flight will start to take up more and more space as more aircraft are added. And, in general, for day-to-say use, 32GB probably isn’t enough. 64GB+ would be more reasonable.
In summary: is the A10 future proof? Kinda. The iPad itself will definitely last a couple more years, but for Infinite Flight, it’s days of running max settings might be numbered. The A12X is DEFINITELY future proof and will last you a long while. If you can easily afford throwing $1000 at the iPad Pro, go for it. If it’s more of a financial challenge… just go for the iPad 2018.


Yes I agree, the Pro is not worth the extra money unless you want to have a device for other things, not just IF. People say they want to future proof but while the iPad 2018 won’t last as long possibly maybe 5 years before getting quite slow it’s still 3 times less in cost so you could easily get a new iPad 3 times in that period for 12+ years. The pro won’t last that long at all. IF takes nearly 7GB and with a lot of preinstalled software from Apple I also agree that 64GB may be the better option.


Thanks guys, I will probably wait for the refreshed base line IPads. The IPad Pro is of course the best IPad money can buy, but it’s overkill for infinite Flight. 32GB vs 64GB? I have to wait and see how much the price difference is going to be.

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I own a Pixel 2 (NOT XL), and it runs Infinite Flight awesome!

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the Samsung Galaxy S9 has 2 types of different processor, the SDM845 or the Exynos 9810. Which one of the two is better?


There is not a big difference between them. The SD845 performs slightly better in benchmarks and speedtests, but both of these processors run IF pretty well, you won’t notice a huge difference.


Ahh alright. But is there a significant difference between the S8 and S9? I would love to play with every settings set to high and with AA enabled without lags, and in busy airports too if possible.


There isn’t a significant difference in performance. However, if you are able to buy the S9 instead of the Galaxy S8, then I recommend doing so. The S9 will most likely receive software updates for 1 year longer than the S8.


On top of this, the difference between the Snapdragon 835 and 845 is noticeable to say the least. I would recommend the newer device if I’m honest. In terms of software updates, I wouldn’t expect much difference, but you’ll notice the speed difference between the two. Get the S9 if it’s within budget ;)