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For a start, it’s an LCD screen. Not only is that way worse than OLED, it’s also a 720p display in 2018… It only has a single camera unit, and let’s be honest it’s not a particularly bright or attractive phone.
The only props are that it has the best battery life out of the 3 iPhones on sale currently.

Samsung phones aggressively throttle because it protects the hardware better. However the skin on android is nowhere near as fast as stock android.

I personally use a pixel 2xl (4gb ram) and a Razer Phone (8gb ram), both of which have a Snapdragon 835 and an Adreno 540 and I’ve found them to outperform most devices even on sale now.

The ROG phone looks awesome, especially as it has a 90hz display which is OLED… if you’re not too worried about switching to android, this would be a great alternative. And you can always replace the launcher to make it more stock, or if you prefer more like iOS.

This is more of a priority thing… Do you desperately need one as much as a new phone? I would prioritize getting a good, powerful phone over a smart watch. If you don’t already have one, then you won’t exactly miss having one 🤷

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What do you mean by that?

A Pixel 2XL is a nice phone, but I feel I don’t really want a previous generation phone…

Apple Watches are sort of a thing for me, but I understand your argument.

I’m fine switching to Android, so your recommending a Tab S4 and ROG phone?

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I use an iPad mini 2 - it has a tendency to get quite hot when using. I turn anti-aliasing off and put airplane count as high, because if settings are full the lag can be huge. It also has a tendency to occasionally crash for no reason, but generally it works excellently and I have no complaints about it

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Razer phone isn’t sold in Latvia 😕

I can get any phone from


With the Pixel 2XL, whilst it may be last generation, it’s still very powerful and has a better camera than all but the Pixel 3…

In regards to the Samsung comment, Samsung skin the android UI and have a custom launcher. There’s quite a lot going on which can make the phone feel slower overall.

If you are looking for a good android phone, I personally would recommend the Razer Phone 2… That 120hz display is native 4K, and it’s one of the most beautiful screens I’ve ever used. It’s so smooth it’s unbelievable. Plus it has the best speakers on a phone besides the Pixel 3, it supports the latest fast charging, has a 4,000mah battery which lasts ages, and an awesome RGB logo.

I use this phone heavily, this is my typical daily usage on the device.

I’m sure you can get one shipped and imported 🤷

Otherwise the ROG phone is an excellent alternative if you can get on with its unusual design 😉

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Amazon doesn’t ship Razer Phones to Latvia😭

I’m gonna have a serious look at the XS Max and Apple Watch vs. The ROG phone and S4.😁

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To (hopefully) understand what Dan meant: The iPhone XR has 326 ppi (pixel per inch) which is as “good” as the iPhone 4S from 2011 that had 330ppi. The thing with “Liquid Retina Display” is just to make it look better for the customers who don’t understand and know a lot about phones.

And yeah, Samsung’s software was bad, but they made big changes with the OneUI. It’s much, much smoother. Of course, nothing is smoother than stock Android, but you won’t notice the difference with Samsung’s latest software.

The Note 9 has a very good cooling system (one of the best right now), the throttling on that device is not as aggressive as the previous Samsung devices.

Regarding the Tab S4: As Dan said earlier, it’s a very good tablet. The specs are very good and it will get Android 9.0 (= OneUI). Samsung is known for its beautiful screens and this one is no exception. You will love it!


And what do you think about the one plus 6T?


@A-FitzGerald and @CJHoughton might be the best people to ask about this as they both personally own the device. From what I’ve heard this is a great value device, that not only looks amazing but performs really well!


Look. Everyone that has actually bought the iPhone XR and used it a lot thinks that the display is perfectly fine and actually looks quite good. Unless you, for some reason, want to squint at your display close up to purposely see the pixels you aren’t going to see them. It’s not even 720p. It’s more around 780p. Trust me, you’ll be perfectly satisfied with the display. Unless you are coming from an OLED in which case… yeah, it’ll probably look horrible and you’ll need the XS display to be satisfied.
Single camera unit… yeah, that really depends on whether you actually care about photos or not. Obviously. The single camera unit is perfectly adequate if you just take the occasional snap or video and don’t care about optical zoom or better portrait mode.
However, Kirito is right in that you should probably just ditch the Apple Watch for the iPhone XS, unless you really want to use the watch for fitness and health.
Android is perfectly adequate too, but deciding whether to switch or not is basically, at this point, mostly just based on whatever software you prefer. I personally prefer iOS, but you might like Android better.
What I recommend (if your gonna stick with an iPhone rather than switching to Android) is that you get a iPhone XS and iPad 2018. Android tablets are… meh, and your getting the ecosystem advantage if you go with both an iPhone and iPad. Plus, the 2018 iPad is cheaper while being as powerful, if not more powerful. And iPhones are known for being a lot less cluttered and smooth than some Android skins and phones (the A12 is a beast).
Either way, it’s up to you. If you want to go with Android, go with Android. If you want to stick with iOS, stick with iOS. I would try asking some people that have these phones rather than just taking the word of an Apple fanboy and an Android fanboy. Don’t be scared away from iOS, but don’t ignore Android either. Do your own research. :)
EDIT: Although, OnePlus 6T does look like a very good Android phone and it’s definitely worth the money. The default skin that comes with the phone is also almost stock Android. But, like I said, it should mostly depend on whether you want to stick with iOS or switch to Android.


I just unboxed a nice new OnePlus 6T, with 8gb of ram an hour and change ago. Very very very early first impression is that…it is simply brilliant :)


The OnePlus 6T seems to have some very good first impressions… Watch out Apple!🤣


Trust me, Apple is doing just fine 😉
…in relation to other smartphone companies.


Android ftw tho


AAANYWAY let’s prevent this from turning into an iOS vs Android flame war and go back to giving completely 100% totally unbiased suggestions to people looking for new devices.

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Can I add the iPad 6th Gen?

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Of course you can. Just make sure you flow the format I provided in the original thread 🙂

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How do I actually add it. I’m a noob lol


You can use this format here^

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So I make it as a reply and @Kirito_77 will add it to the list?