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iOS devices are less efficient at cooling, and iOS prefers performance over cooling. Unlike Samsung, and some other android manufacturers which bias towards throttling to protect the hardware, Apple will allow the phone to heat up to the point where it shuts itself down… 🤷


I use OnePlus 6T too


Okay thank you :)


…please show me an instance where the phone shut down because of it’s own heat.
I have never heard of ANYONE having that issue.
I don’t deny that iOS devices get hot, but I’ve never heard of it getting to the point where it shuts down.
@Coolman do you happen to have a thick case?


This is not uncommon with iPhones. I have seen istances where even the iPhone X got so hot that the owner could barely hold it and in the end, some of the hardware was damaged. Shutting down because of its own heat is not very rare. I will link an example below. The part with the damage to the hardware is pretty rare, but it can still happen.

I have seen users reporting this here on the forum too. What Kirito is saying is true.


Huh, ok. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of that.
Is it only really a problem with the X?


I have an iPhone XR and have not had an overheating issue, even while charging. But that might because it is a bit newer


I have seen reports about older iPhones too. The newer ones (XS, XS Max) have a better cooling system than the previous models, but it can still happen.