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That tablet isn’t compatible with the global update.


I beg to differ… as long as you have at least four gigs of storage ram available and you don’t do long hauls… it will still allow you to fly for from three to five hours if you manage your resources well…and even with wifi lag the latest A-10 update works fine…until one can get a 64 bit device which are still outrageously priced IMHO…maybe one will fall out of Santa’s sleigh over my house and drop down the chimney !


What model are you talking about? The Galaxy Tab 4 10" only supports Android 4.4.2, therefore it’s not compatible with the Global update. It’s a device from 2014.


Don’t always believe what you read or are told… l have the original Android 5.02 version from 2014 and it has downloaded and run every IF Global update… sorry to burst your bubble !


I read to confirm what I already know. I worked with this device myself and it only supported Android KitKat. Apparently, Samsung decided to push the Android Lollipop update to that device…


Since you are in Europe… maybe they pushed it on the U.S. version…all l know is that Lollipop was preinstalled when l procured it… and it still works well enough for me since l do not care about relentless long hauls or sleep flying and like short trips with the CTX and props and fighters !


I have Honor7 lite and it work but it have everything “low”


Samsung Galaxy A7 is so smooth playing


will an Iphone 7 plus 128GB perform good with everything on high?


Have a read!


Does the s8+ run smoothly and no lag ?


Reading is your best friend 🙂


OnePlus 6T (6GB RAM)

OS : Android 9.0
Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture quality : High
Anti-aliasing : ON
Limit Frame Rate : OFF
Airplane Count : Very High
GeekBench Scores : 2308 / 8951
Note : The best smartphone of 2018 you can get for less than 600$ brand new. It offers one of the best experience of Android you can have with Oxygen OS. There are no fancy, gimmicky, useless features causing your phone to be more prone to lag (looking at you Samsung). Lag? Pfff, this word will be erased from your vocabulary with this device even at the busiest airports with the highest settings.


I’m glad to see someone finally has this device! Also even better seeing that you’re using it for IF. Great addition!


Does the OS version affect the settings? I have an IPad Air (1st Gen) and I have OS 12.1.1. Pls reply if I can higher the settings. Thanks🙏🏼


Thank you just got the s8 +


iPad mini 2 is now laggier with it often struggling at lowest settings with more than 5 planes at an airport


I use iPad 9.7 (2018)
And iPhone SE

But use more the iPad, since it is bigger, newer, faster… but love my little iPhone! Will want to say the the iPhone works perfectly. And that it has the small problem to find good cases, they are difficult to find (at least for me). And does the new upload affect the iPad and the iPhone? It make them slower?


I have an iPhone X, when I use it for IF it feels like a hotpocket I took out of the microwave. Is this a known issue?


That’s exactly my setup😂