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Oh, I was wondering if IF would run at above 60 fps because of the ProMotion screen. Guess not.
However, I’m pretty sure it would be able to get at least a little bit above 60 FPS if they added support for it. Don’t think 90 FPS is too much to ask with the A12X.
Also, it’s not called the iPad Pro X, but rather just the iPad Pro (2018).


but why only iphone 7


Doesn’t just go for the iPhone 7, although it’s most likely not as necessary on newer devices.
The Notes is written by different people for each device, it’s not always consistent.


What about Nexus 6p I can run it just fine


Then feel free to post the details in the template and I will add it to the list later today 🙂


I use the Asus ZenPad. It is the best tablet in my opinion for infinite flight. Everything on high. No lag. Awesome graphics.


Huawei P10 Lite
Runs IF with
Graphics : High /High
Anti-aliasing : Off
When at busy airports, it may be necessary to lower the graphics.


Device: Google Pixel/ iPhone 7
OS: Android 8.0/ iOS 11.2.1
Rendering Quality: High// High
Rendering Resolution: High// High
Texture quality: High// High
Anti-Aliasing: On// On
Limit framerate: Off// On
Airplane count: Very High// High
GeekBench Scores: 1918, 6316// 3379, 5495
Notes: One of the most powerful phones, even in 2018. Shows its age at a busy airport, otherwise runs perfecly// Occasionally when airport is busy you will have to turn off Anti-Aliasing, but it runs pretty well.

Here is the format lads 🥰


Don’t think 120Hz is much for the A12x lol


Samsung galaxy a7


What about it 🙂


So I’m purchasing the iPad 6 generation not the pro does the iPad 6 generation run Infinite Flight on all high graphics okay?


Hi all,

Looking at buying a dedicated device for Infinite Flight Global, The Ipad 2017 ( seems to fit my budget,

Would it be a capable device of running infinite flight smoothly?



You won’t struggle on an iPad.


Hello! Welcome.
I would reccomend checking out this thread!


Yes it will! Hope this helps!


Hi, check this thread.



That’s the iPad 2018. And yes it’s perfect with IF, get it!


I have the same iPad that your looking at and it runs smoothly most of the time, though sometimes it freezes but it works again after 25-30 seconds. It really packs a punch, but overheats a little. Anyways I would definitely recommend it


Hello! I am currently using an iPad 2017 and i use max graphics no troubles!