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Can someone add this for me?

OS: Android 9.0
Rendering Quality: Ludicrous
Rendering Resolution: Highest WQHD+
Texture quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit framerate: Off
Aircraft Count: Very High
GeekBench Scores: 10,732/ 5,648
Notes: This device is insane, with the highest possible settings available the Galaxy S10+ outperforms the previous S9+ I used for Infinite Flight.
Current issue right now though is the inability to use the entire screen since the hole punch camera does block the throttle - I’m sure the developers will work a fix for this!

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Is it worth the investment to choose the Galaxy Tab S4 over the S3 as far as IF is concerned if l want my next tab to be technologically current enough for the next several years …and @Kirito_77 how much better is it’s chipset and overall general performance with it’s onboard OEM OS


Can a regular add this?


@Recxx - If you want my opinion, yes it is worth it. I have not heard anyone complaining about the Galaxy Tab S4, but I have heard about some lag issues with the Galaxy Tab S3 (especially when flying the newest aircraft in the sim). And if you look at the specs, the Galaxy Tab S4 is the clear winner here.

Now, when it comes to the CPUs, the SD835 obviously outperforms the SD820. The SD820 is built in the 14nm fabrication process and has 4 cores (2x2.15GHz & 2x1.6GHz), while the 835 has 8 cores (4x2.45GHz & 4x1.9GHz) and is built in the 10nm fabrication process which basically means increased efficiency and improved performance (up to 30% more powerful and up to 40% lower battery consumption).

The Galaxy Tab S4 definitely wins in that category. :)

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It seems that a lot of devices are currently just floating about int he comments section and are not on the wiki. Any eta on when they will be added?


Kirito would have added all of them but he can’t since the topic is more than 60 days old. That’s one of the reasons he is doing this:

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There’s also the slight problem of me no longer being a regular, so I’m unable to add devices to the thread. I’ll have a team of people that can add to the new thread when I can release it.


My recommendation would be to edit the title once we do add devices based on new update.
Maybe remove all of the previous data and ask for new data to be provided based on the newest available update
Title should read.

Device Compatibility Thread - 19.1


Maybe I just bought a dud of a brand new device, but I do not recommend the Galaxy Tab S3.

Ever since the CRJs were updated/released, it has been extremely laggy and very difficult to taxi to any runway where IFATC is active and there are more than 3 or 4 other airplanes spawned in. The closer you get to an active airport or other pilots, the worse it performs. And this is on the lowest of low settings. I’ve also installed 19.1 on it, and fuhgettabout it. It’s absolutely terrible.

I’ve had three mods see this device in action in person. I’ve contacted our very knowledgeable Android resources on this forum, and all are at a loss.

I have since bought an IPad 2018. The IPad performance blows the Tab S3 out of the water and its price point is decent. After two duds (Samsung Pro 12.2 was my previous tablet, which stopped keeping up right around when global came out), I will never go back to a Samsung tablet.


Device: iPhone XS
OS: iOS 12.1.4
Rendering Quality: Ludicrous
Texture Quality: High
Limit frame rate: off
Anti-Alaising: on
Airplane count Very high

Runs like a dream, even at a busy airport, but sometimes gets very hot, not even a sight of lag when running infinite flight


If anyone would add it would be fine, thanks


Just to let you know, it won’t be added at the moment, because @Kirito_77 can’t edit the main topic.


Why is he having problema?


Well kind of. After a certain amount of days or edits he can’t edit the topic anymore. It’s the way discourse works


I guess we can copy and paste everything, letting the mods Close this one?


Lets wait and see what Kirito_77 does. If you want to discuss anymore please PM me, so we don’t clog up this thread.


My Device is not there.
My device: IPad WiFi

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My device: Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
Graphics: Better
Anti-Alaising: OFF
Texture: High
Airplane Count: High
OS: Android 8.0
Limit FPS:On
Notes: Device usually has minor lag with busy airports. It comes cheap for around 300-400 Canadian Dollars.


Anyone uses iPad Air 10.5 (2019) here? Planning to buy one.


Either way, it will still run IF great so no worries. The A12 Bionic is new and can handle max settings

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