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I think I’ll buy it but I’m worried about the battery life

I have a bad experience with my tab s6

As someone with a 2018 iPad Pro, battery life only drains fast if you have all the settings on high. If you keep it plugged in while flying, it won’t drain at all. Considering the new iPads all have great battery life and mine is almost 4 years old now, you’ll be fine with the battery life on a brand new Air

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I’m thinking of buying it to use the highest settings 🥲

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I mean I run mine on highest. Just keep it plugged in. If you keep the screen brightness on max with high settings and don’t plug it in, you probably won’t get long battery

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I also have iphone 6 (not s6+), but it has only IOS12.5, that is why i can not install him

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Hi! how did the FPS test go? I choose between samsung tab s 6 lite and lenovo. I wonder what lenovo will show. Please send your frame-per-second readings on your settings)

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I get around 21 fps if my limit is 30 at 3D airports. Will send screenshot when home from school this afternoon

So… Can I ask you again about FPS?

Lenovo Tab p11
processor: Qualcomm snapdragon 662
OS: Android 11
for a device costing $499, this device packs a PUNCH!
rendering resolution: High
rendering quality: High
3D object density: High
aircraft count: high
Limit framerate: Off
texture quality: High
Notes: if landing at KLAX or EHAM for example, turn down rendering resolution to medium

Forgive me for asking, but you’ve made a number of topics regarding this device having low performance, the most recent of which complaining of 4FPS…just want to make sure this is an accurate representation?


Only between climb and cruise, but when at cruise my device seems to run well and at descent i get good fps 👍

I know it’s been a while since you asked, but I have the 9th gen iPad and it runs super smoothly when all settings are on high. Personally, I’m very glad I chose to get it.

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I have also purchased it! and it worked pretty well for me!

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M1 iPad Pro is awesome still, max everything 60fps

Anyone here have an iPhone SE 3 (2022) and if so, how does it put up with IF?

Just wondering because I’m kinda hunting for an upgrade from my 6s, and the SE 3 is my likely upgrade path.

I have an SE2 which is an absolute beast for IF… everything on max if that helps ;)

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Will this ever be updated? We need to know how new devices will be compatible with IF and what their performance levels are like

I can only work with whatever data I am provided with by the community. If people aren’t providing me with their devices and performance, how am I supposed to update the thread?

The thread takes a lot of time to maintain and update, so currently I’ve resorted to only updating the thread when something major changes/ is added, such as 3D buildings. I don’t plan to update the thread for each minor release unless something changes in the backend.

The thread, as it is now does not really need to be changed, aside from adding the odd device here and there, which I will do when I have time.

In regards to a device being compatible, you are always welcome to ask the question here and the ever so helpful community will be able to assist you if they own that particular device.