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my settings are completely maxed out on my Ipad mini 5 and it works just fine no lag whatsoever.

I have trying in

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Android 9 PIE
Exynos Processor

Rendering Quality : Low
3D Object Density : High
Rendering Resolution : Low
Texture quality : High
Anti-aliasing : OFF
Framerate : 60FPS
Airplane count : Very High

Note: The Device heat is normsl. The Performance well done and can get Almost 60fps everytime. If u put in front of a fan. Your device is cool. And performance great at 60fps even you get Max Setting without on in Anti-Aliasing

Anyone has a snapdragon 870 device? How well does it run with infinite flight?

Xiaomi Mi 9:

OS : Android 11
Hardware : Snapdragon 855, 8GB

Rendering Quality : High
3D Object Density : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Framerate : 30FPS
Airplane count : High

Notes : Normal Device heat. Runns smooth and is cheap when buying it refurbished or used

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I use the Iphone12, and the heat is just amazing after several hours. Does anybody have any solution to make it a bit less heated? Great info thread btw ;)

Hi @GEnx , the best thing to do to reduce the thermal output of a device is to reduce the amount of work it needs to do.

Lowering your graphics down during a flight, enabling low power in the app and keeping your brightness low will help reduce the amount of heat your device produces.

It’s also advised that if you are using a case, you should remove it.

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This is a brilliant iPad, I’ve got the 11 inch and it runs IF on highest setting effortlessly! Mine doesn’t even get hot which is impressive as my last iPad could cook an egg on that back!

Nice overview!

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Yeah I always enable the lowpower mode, frames on 30, and put antialiasing to disabled, but it doesn’t really decrease the heat. Oh and I’ve also tried without the case on, and I almost felt my fingers getting burned because of the heat… (It’s that hot) Is it just my phone in particular or something I just have to consider as a performance limit?

Try lowering all of your settings. Rendering resolution for example can make a massive difference to thermals. I can leave either my phone or tablet running an overnight, or even 15hr+ flight and it stays cool to the touch.

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Hmm… thanks a lot for the great advice. Maybe I should lower the unnecessary options when I’m cruising with lowpower mode.

You could buy a phone cooler

my 12.9 2021 iPad got really hot from a 3hr flight 😭 recommend 30fps if you’re not filming pictures so your battery won’t die.

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@Kirito_77 Im not sure if you want to change it but my iPad 9.7 from 2017 is starting to struggle with IF since buildings were added. If at an airport with no buildings it works well with everything set to max! But if I’m spawned at an airport with buildings and other aircraft I need to lower my settings to medium otherwise the application crashes! 😢

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No Ipad Air 3 (2019)?

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it has the same GPU as the 865, so i think it would run about the same. you will not see a big difference

I know but it’s overclocked

ya the CPU is but not the GPU and IF uses more GPU then the CPU

870 on the left
865 on the right

Hello. Which tablet is best for IF?

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Love this! I’m on a iPad Air 2 and it runs fine, as you said, mixed bag?

Wow! Thanks for this thread!