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It’s in the second post, that’s where tablets are located


Thanks for locating that… Hmmm, its the lagginess when approaching a busy ATC airport that has been my biggest problem… Sometimes after touchdown I cant even control the throttle and rudder 😡… I’m on a phone with 3Gb RAM and a mid range processor so I suppose I should expect some performance improvement with this S6 tablet.

But I guess I’m going to have to up the budget…


So, does anyone know how Infinite Flight runs on the Samsung S20FE with the Exynos 990?

I can’t imagine you would have any performance issues. There is only a small difference between the SD and Exynos, and thankfully none of the S10 crashes have been reported. I expect the phone will get relatively hot under load, but you should have a smooth enjoyable experience to say the least 🙂

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As I mentioned before, I was considering buying the S9, but I found out that its price is absurdly expensive in my country, and even though it’s older, it costs around 150 dollars more than the S20FE, and this one telefonecellular here has the Exynos 990, and I’m still in doubt if the problem is with the Android updates (10 or 11) or with the Samsung Processor.
Can you help me?

The crashing issue is specific to the Note 10/ S10 with the Exynos 9820 and Mali G76- MP2. So far there has been no record of the S20FE or S21 having the issue, it seems to be isolated to the S10 only


Ok, thank you soo much!
Have a good night!

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Hello guys. Who uses Ipad. I would like to ask how much GB if it is storing in the Device in general? Thanks

mine takes about 16,5 GBs with all aircraft downloaded

Also, I have a quite large number of replays, so deleting some of them will clear a few storage

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Can i Add my new device?

Realme 6 Pro
OS: Android 10
Hardware: Snapdragon 720G, 8GB of ram
Rendering Quality: High
Rendering Resolution: High
Anti Aliasing: ON
Limit Frame Rate: Off
Texture Quality: High
Airplane Count: Low
Notes: This is the maximum that the device can handle, it run smoothly at 25-30fps, can go to 60 if you turn down the settings a bit

P.s is it possible to run IF on M1 Macs since M1 Macs can run iOS Apps?

Mi Mix 3 5g

OS: android 9 Pie miui 12
Hardware: Snapdragon 855
Rendering Quality: medium
Rendering Resolution: medium
Texture Quality: High
Anti-Aliasting: off
Limit Framerate: Off
Airplane Count: low
Note: Picked up in November 2020. It’s kinda shocking because this phone was released almost 3 years ago. It’s the best settings for the device with no frame drops or lag

can you help me? I have the Redmi Note 9S of 4 Gb of Ram I don’t know which configuration and better I’ve tried all the ways, always the Fps fall or else the Smartphone just started to get very hot, I don’t know if it’s the RAM, I tried everything and even so with everything on Low, Offline, and the Smartphone could not get past 31 Fps, with high FPS, with Frame Limit on it was at 29/30 but still it locks up, when changing Camera positions it falls over 15 / 10 FPS for no reason to use Only the Game Turbo, I’ve seen in the Game Turbo settings that the IF consumes 98% GPU and 68/50% of the CPU I don’t know what else to do can you help me?

Anyone knows anything about running IF on the Motorola G Stylus?

Google Pixel 4A 5G

OS : Android 11
Hardware : Snapdragon 765G, 6GB RAM
Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Limit framerate : Off
Airplane count : Very High

Notes: Upgraded from my Pixel 2. Near identical (a little bit better) performance out of the 4A 5G. My Pixel 2 had a good run. Upgraded because of poor battery. Looking to keep this device for 3-4 years.

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oh thanks for this guide :D

IPad Air 2020 10.9
OS 14.4.2
Hardware Apple A14 Bionic chip with a 64GB of storage
Rendering quality : High
Rendering resolution : High
Anti Aliasing : On
Texture quality : High
Limit frame rate : On
Airplane count : Very High
Notes- Upgraded device from a iPad mini 3 as i had it for 5 years I ran the device into the ground eventually game kept crashing and battery kept depleting very quickly. The iPad Air was worth every penny upgrading it runs infinite flight very smoothly and battery lasts for a great amount of time which is a big plus as well as quicker charging times due to the lightning cable.


Hi all, just a small update on the thread:

  • There are some devices outstanding that I need to add to the list; I have all of these noted, and will be looking to put them up soon, however I am rapidly running out of characters to add new devices, which leads onto the next point

  • I will be removing a number of devices from this list soon, namely ones that do not meet the new minimum requirements and what I class as outliers: devices that aren’t very popular globally, or have very poor performance/ outdated. This will include devices not running Android 7. This means a number of android devices will be disappearing from the list. I may also trim down some of the descriptions if they are unnecessarily long.

  • I need to look at editing in the new graphics options, but as with everything, these are subject to change and as such won’t be added until the full release of 21.1

  • It would also be great if people on the main lists can A) let me know if they do/ don’t have the device anymore so I can have active names as references, and B) let me know what software the device is using. For iOS, I will likely use the latest stable release, Android is a little trickier

  • The same will be true for settings. I will default every device to 30FPS, and if you run the device at 60FPS, you can ask myself (or any regular) to change it for you.

As it currently stands, this thread is still accurate as of 20.3, however until the formal release, this thread will remain in a non updated state. Howdy doody, thanks all.


iPad mini 2 (2014) ?

Hey I just need advise.

I’m currently using Samsung S10e and I want to get a second more powerfull phone, preferably android. I had some recommendations on

Xiaomi note 9 Pro max
Samsung A71

I want the second phone to intertwine with Infinite flight app and run smoothly at high settings.

So please let me know if you have other phones to suggest And help me pick the best phone


What’s your budget?

I think the phones you mentioned is basically a downgrade from the phone you currently have

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