Device Compatibility Thread 21.2 - Built By Us For You!

Ok thanks for that

I can find a Samsung tablet A 7.

Would you say I good for IF

Good evening squad thunk n dunk.

Over the next few days, I will be updating the thread bit by bit. In the meantime, if you own one of the devices listed, I would really appreciate if you could drop me a PM or a message here letting me know the settings you are using for 21.1. Many devices here, particularly iOS are outdated and haven’t been changed since 19.1.

I’m putting everything to 30FPS default, but again if you run it different, and it’s running smooth at 60fps then also let me know so I can adjust it.

Same with software versions. Let me know what version of Android/ iOS you are using.

No hurry, this will take me a few days as I will be working all week. Hopefully finished by Sunday :)

Cool beans, thanks all.


Heyo! I am currently using an iPad (non pro or mini) 8th Generation. It runs smoothly with the settings on 30fps, and everything high.
(I might have one setting on medium, I’ll update you on that in a few hours)

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Alright fortnite imposter amogus minecraft gamers, after several hours, some beer and shouting, the devices should, I repeat, should be fully up to date.

Here’s a brief run down of the changes

  • iPhone now has it’s whole own post! Aren’t I just the nicest? In reality, the thread was rapidly running out of character space for new devices. This has now split the lists across 3 separate posts, the 1st being Android phones, 2nd being Android tablets and iPads, and the 3rd being iPhones

  • Now what does this mean? More space dummy! There is now more room for a more personal description of the device and it’s performance, but keep it simple still. People don’t want to read a wall of text, hence the reason nobody reads the category rules :P

  • Speaking of a wall of text, the first post has been condensed into the important stuff only, which should make it easier to navigate. This thread has been here long enough, we all know what we’re doing. Except me, as I just pretend to know.

  • Device OS’sssssssss should now be mostly up to date. Apple devices are easy because the ecosystem is updated in an orderly fashion, whereas with Android many devices are still years behind, meaning some of them may not be accurate. I did Google them, promise.

  • Added the new fancy rendering options, and using my big brain thonk powers, have filled them in using what I believe the device should be using. If, of course, I’ve got it wrong once again let me know so I can change it.

  • A lot of this lil refresh was about making things in the thread easier to read. Removing the less important stuff, making some text bigger, adding a few spaces and gaps here, there and everywhere. Let me know if you can think of any improvements.

  • I have sent some devices to the shadow realm. Unsupported ones, that is.

  • Oooooh rounded corners

Once again, thanks as always to the people that DO contact me with updated info- I do this for free in my limited spare time, and there is a limit to how much info on a device I can gather, so it is always appreciated, as it really does help. Allows me to spend more time on skype with my adopted French crewmate impostor penfriend (long story).

Have a good evening.


iPad Pro 12.9” - 2021 Model with Cellular

Opening Statement-
I got my iPad Pro 12.9” (2021) today; loving it so far but, in my opinion, it doesn’t make Infinite Flight look or run much much different at all when compared to my iPad Pro 11” other than some colors are richer and darker colors are deeper and 60fps is smooth. Netflix and HDR videos look richer and there’s no grayish tones that can be found on previous generations which is really cool. Music/Audio also sounds richer and full which was long overdue.

Infinite Flight Review-
My Setup:
• Settings/Graphics/Textures- Maxed out
• Frame Rate- 60fps
• Aircraft Count- Very High
• No lag, no stuttering or jittering (seen all types of descriptions here on IFC) at a busy FNF YSSY spotting session

• 7GB GPU and the M1 Chip, enough said…
• Mini-LED screen looks great when editing 2K and 4K or while watching Netflix
• Audio is an upgrade and has more power than previous generations although I still prefer ear pods
• WiFi is strong even with a half decent signal
• HDR content looks amazing
• 5G cellular… finally 😏

• External display output even with Thunderbolt under delivers yet again, yes, streaming IF from an iPad is still light years behind
• PadOS 14.5.1 lacks various features and isn’t robust enough to bolster the iPad Pro (2021), I sure hope Apple has some big plans for OS15 otherwise it’s quite disappointing
• Camera location is terrible still
• Screen brightness is still disappointing when outside
• Price, for another $100-$200 over previous generation iPads, this iPad is a bit costly for most budgets
• Adaptive Touch and adding a mouse; the pointer options and modifications are weak, Apple needs to improve on this for users like me that hook up a Bluetooth mouse, the circle with an outline is 😑
• It’s a high performance iPad because it has an M1 chip but it isn’t a laptop or the MacBook so don’t expect anymore from it

Overall, this tablet will serve me well in my field of work out on job sites while marking up PDFs and filling out test forms; the processing power is plentiful for editing and gaming plus the 5G cellular option is great when I’m working in cities. I understand that costs have gone up, but for $1300, the device is way overpriced. If you are on a strict budget, buy an Android phone/tablet or an Apple model phone/tablet from 2019 or newer and they’ll serve you just as fine without skipping your rent/mortgage payment for a month. It’s just an iPad so don’t expect to do some magic or take the world by storm.

Have a great weekend everyone,

@kirito_77, please reprimand me if this is the wrong way to provide device feedback. I need that once in awhile!


Thank you Kirito for the hard work

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Perhaps ever so slightly too detailed 😂

But good to have. I’ll add the device later today when I’m home, and then I can link this review in that for people to read.

Amazing to see just how expensive that tablet was… In fact it cost more than my gaming laptop 😳


Hi there,
Just to confirm that my S20 FE lets me land with maxxed up settings in busy and building equiped airports with no lag at all and no particular heat.
I always have the limit frame rate option on, though and have a good connexion (Wifi and/or cellular).
Thanks for your hard work!

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@Kirito_77 thanks for updating the thread. Excellent work as usual! ✌️🛫

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can i use it on a Chromebook?

Hi @Wolfthorn , welcome to the community.

Infinite Flight isn’t officially supported on Chromebooks, although some users in the past have reported that it works, albeit with some issues. Please be warned you won’t receive any support should you try and do so.

Nothing to loose however from trying, you might find it works great!

my settings are completely maxed out on my Ipad mini 5 and it works just fine no lag whatsoever.

I have trying in

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Android 9 PIE
Exynos Processor

Rendering Quality : Low
3D Object Density : High
Rendering Resolution : Low
Texture quality : High
Anti-aliasing : OFF
Framerate : 60FPS
Airplane count : Very High

Note: The Device heat is normsl. The Performance well done and can get Almost 60fps everytime. If u put in front of a fan. Your device is cool. And performance great at 60fps even you get Max Setting without on in Anti-Aliasing

Anyone has a snapdragon 870 device? How well does it run with infinite flight?

Xiaomi Mi 9:

OS : Android 11
Hardware : Snapdragon 855, 8GB

Rendering Quality : High
3D Object Density : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Framerate : 30FPS
Airplane count : High

Notes : Normal Device heat. Runns smooth and is cheap when buying it refurbished or used

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I use the Iphone12, and the heat is just amazing after several hours. Does anybody have any solution to make it a bit less heated? Great info thread btw ;)

Hi @GEnx , the best thing to do to reduce the thermal output of a device is to reduce the amount of work it needs to do.

Lowering your graphics down during a flight, enabling low power in the app and keeping your brightness low will help reduce the amount of heat your device produces.

It’s also advised that if you are using a case, you should remove it.

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This is a brilliant iPad, I’ve got the 11 inch and it runs IF on highest setting effortlessly! Mine doesn’t even get hot which is impressive as my last iPad could cook an egg on that back!

Nice overview!

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Yeah I always enable the lowpower mode, frames on 30, and put antialiasing to disabled, but it doesn’t really decrease the heat. Oh and I’ve also tried without the case on, and I almost felt my fingers getting burned because of the heat… (It’s that hot) Is it just my phone in particular or something I just have to consider as a performance limit?