Device Compatibility Thread 20.3 - Built By Us For You!

@Infinite_aviation1 is basically spot on here, both of these devices are a significant downgrade over your S10e.

Depending on the version, it either shipped with the Snapdragon 855 or the Eynos 9820. The 865 is not a significant enough boost in performance that I would recommend getting it, which leads onto the Snapdragon 888.

Devices using this include (but are not limited to) the Samsung Galaxy S21, Xperia 1 III/ 5 III, ROG phone 5 and OnePlus 9. Now, chances are, none of these really are going to make your experience dramatically better unless you plan to also use them as a phone, rather than just for Infinite Flight.

If you’re looking exclusively for the purpose of IF, I’d recommend getting a tablet. Something like the Galaxy Tab S7 or a recent generation iPad will give a nice boost in performance whilst also giving you a nice large screen to work with.


can recommend as well. works perfectly.

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Thing is they both Snapdragon. The S10e is exynos and is beginning to lag abit.

My max would be $500 budget

I would say to buy an iPad 8th or iPad mini 5 or iPad Air 3 lol.
Or you can buy an iqoo 7 with the snapdragon 888😅

Do you think an Ipad air 2 would do?

No the iPad Air 2 will not run IF very well given its almost 7 years old…

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I have it, and use it, would not recommend it if there’s an option to buy a newer one. It works but only minimalistically (that’s not a word it just sounded right) :)

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If within budget and you are looking at an iPad, I would recommend the 2019 iPad Mini 5 or newer, the 2018 iPad Pro or newer, or the 2018 iPad or newer.

Try and get a new of a device as possible. It’ll be more powerful and also have a longer support span

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Ok thanks for that

I can find a Samsung tablet A 7.

Would you say I good for IF