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Hello all. I recently purchased an 2020 iPad Pro 12.9” (I’ll get a review of it here soon) and I have just this week received the device. I had a small question about it that I’d like to ask:

I used to constantly charge my previous iPad (2015 iPad Pro 12.9”) while playing IF and what I noticed over time was that battery health significantly reduced quite quickly by doing this.

I am planning on using this new 2020 iPad solely for educational purposes quite soon (I’ll be leaving infinite flight 😭😭), so in the meantime while I still have IF, I wanted to ask whether there was a way for me preserve my battery health while playing IF and charging 15+ hours straight?

A few notes:

  • I already know about reducing graphics levels to minimal. I do not want to do this because my iPad is more than capable of handling graphics of this intensity

  • Also, the low power mode option is something I use, and used to use on my previous iPad a lot. I already know about this!

  • Lowered brightness is also something I am aware of

Thank you all for the help! 😁

What I usually do is I turn down the screen brightness to preserve my battery during long hauls… I hope it helps!

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Is there a Device compatibility Thread For 20.2?

@Infinite_flight_HD this thread will be updated in due course, I’m just quite busy at the moment. In the meantime if anyone needs to update their device (be it different software or performance has taken a hit) please let me know.

Your new iPad is definitely capable of running with max graphics settings, though sustaining that performance for 15 hours straight might not be the best idea. I too use an iPad Pro and even though it can handle max graphics just fine, I usually turn everything down while I’m not at the device (usually during cruise) since it puts less strain on the device.

Also, you’ll notice your new iPad has ProMotion so you’ll be able to get up to (or close to) 120Hz refresh rate. Even though the higher refresh rate looks amazing, having the frame rate limiter turned off drains the battery much faster than if you have it turned on. So even if you want higher rendering and texture quality, you can keep those up, but reducing the frame rate will make a noticeable difference in battery life.


If I recall correctly a conversation I had with a staff member a while back, IF tops out at 60fps regardless of the devices refresh rate. I was referencing my razer phone initially, but the same is true for my current 4xl which caps at 60 even though it has a 90Hz screen, Infinite Flight just doesn’t go to 120FPS yet, so it might be worth (if possible) turning the iPad screen back to 60hz during flight just to save a little more battery


Interesting! I had no idea about that. My iPad is the only device I own that has a refresh rate that high so when I turned the frame rate limiter off and the gameplay in IF looked much smoother I just assumed I was running at 120Hz. Obviously that’s not the case, so do when I do have the frame rate limiter on is there any way to tell what refresh rate I’m running at?

As far as I’m aware there’s no way to manually change the refresh rate of the display in settings. I believe it automatically adjusts to whatever task/game is being run. I do know however that natively the iPad Pro doesn’t run at 120Hz.

I was trying to find the specific conversation, but it’s either deleted or in a hidden category…

I don’t own an iPad currently, so unfortunately I haven’t got a clue whether you can enable some kind of frame rate monitor. Most applications will look slightly smoother on a high refresh display even if they are still running at the lower speed (there’s a long winded explanation for this)

From what I remember correctly, frame limiter off is 60fps, on its 30fps and battery saver is 10fps.

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I know another community member mentioned that IF currently only tops at around 55 fps, it doesn’t fully reach the 60 either.

But those are things that are internally already taken care of. I was wondering if there are any more suggestions I can do to help with this. I just don’t want the battery health to go down drastically, because I mainly want to use it for education purposes.

BTW: if you ever want to use a device for education, I 100% recommend the 2020 iPad Pro. It’s amazing for students and a really awesome note taker as well!

Mine goes at 60fps outside but with live cockpit it goes to 45-50fps. My gpu be at 99%

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 - @Marc.Stinger

OS : Android 10 - One UI 2.5
Hardware : Snapdragon 865+ , 6GB/8GB
Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture Quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Limit Frame Rate : Off
Airplane Count : Very High
GeekBench Scores : 4509 / 12945

Notes : For those looking for an Android tablet for Infinite flight, look no further. This is the most powerful tablet currently available with the Snapdragon 865+ and 6Gb or 8Gb RAM and 128 or 256Gb ROM.
It never heats up, and can run at 60FPS constantly in a busy airport. Very nice LCD screen (not OLED unfortunately) but 120Hz. Easily usable with IFassistant, ifpax etc… In the background without ever encountering any problems.