Device compatibility: Samsung Galaxy A40

I know that there are several threads for this type of topic, but the are closed, so just a question if anyone has this phone and how IF works on it? What the max graphic setting you can get without lag? I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 which works with Good. Thanks to anyone with an answer to this :).

I just want to know this since in about a week I am getting this phone and unsure whether I should use IF on this instead.

Shall find everything here


I just used it, cant find this device. Thats why I made this post. Thanks anyway.

The A40 is one of the newest phones, if not, the newest by Samsung (Besides the S10 Family), and the A40 doesn’t release till July, so you won’t have an answer until then.

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Ah. I might be getting some sort of pre-release. My dad does work in partnership with Samsung. This may be why then! Wait no you can buy them now.

Pre Order, expected to be released in July

Ok… Confusing because you can purchase a contract with most common phone companies now.

Now that I look at it more deeply, the United Kingdom does appear to have released the phone, however other countries do not. Would’ve been agreed on internally, anyway, my point stands, unless someone has tried the A40, they’d have added it to the list.

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Ok. Probably why. Ill keep myself updated on the thread. And I am from the UK so thats also why.

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