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I have Infinite flight on my samsung, and I would like to download it on my iphone because my samsung isn’t working well anymore.

Is there a way to download it rather than having to pay another 38 HKD for the app itself?

Nope, you have to pay IF again. Your subscription can be transferred though.

Okay thanks :)

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You can transfer all your data from Android to IOS
May this help you

I already tried, using apple’s official Android to apple app, and it didn’t trasnfer infinite flight for some reason

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Try to contact Apple, they may solve your issue or question though
Good luck :)

Data and app store purchases are two different things. Data can be transferred to basically any compatible device, however, app/play store purchases can not be transferred to another OS.

When you transfer data, you transfer apps, information… though, a long time ago I had to transfer data, and all apps were transferred.

Was it from Android to iOS/vice versa? And were paid apps also transferred?

I am pretty sure you can link your subscription to your other device, but you would need to pay for the base app.


Okay, facts:

Apps can not be transferred. Period. If an app is purchased on one platform, it needs to be purchase on the other.

The guide on the Apple webpage won’t transfer apps either. It’s more a contacts/bookmarks etc kind of transfer.

Subscriptions can be used on any device using the latest version of the app as long as the Infinite Flight account is linked to a Facebook or Google profile.


this is how i do it(on apple):
i go to setting, then on app store, then i can see what i am logged on as and then i go to my other device and sign in to that and then i go to the app store and it should say either get for free or it might say open.

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