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So, since the last update the graphics settings changed. If you set the graphics on the lowest possible, so rendering quality fast and texture quality low, the graphics are the same as before the update with rendering quality on medium, and not low. This can be seen on the screenshots below. First one is before the update, second one after the update, both on lowest quality.
Screenshot_20190315-103432 Screenshot_20190315-102659
As you see, the graphics on the second picture are better.
This looks nice of course, but it also causes low-end devices to lag more. I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 2016, 2 gb ram. That’s not much indeed, but I could easely play IF on low graphics before the update. Now, with those new settings, IF became unplayable, even on solo. IF goals are to make the game accesible for so many devices as possible right? The only thing I can do now is ATC with the the cam Off
Can the previous settings please be returned? I’m probably not the only person with this problem


As far as I am aware I don’t think so.

That doesn’t help much

That’s quite on the low end

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016, 2gb of ram as said in the post

Yup it is low end, but before the update I could easely play IF on the lowest graphics with no lag (only in A10 cockpit lag), also with online with other players in the vicinity. Now it’s unplayable on lowest graphics

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yeah sorry didn’t see it.

Well there is not much that can be done as you do not have much ram. The only tips I can give is:

  • Don’t have any apps open except Infinite Flight
  • Make sure you restart your device after every flight
  • clear your cache once in a while
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Thanks, but I already do all those things standard, except restarting my device everytime, altough I tried that already one time to get better performance, but that also didn’t help.
The most important thing, I think, is that much players will have this problem. Expensive phones are not for everything, and many more peope have just 2gb of ram.
I’m going to buy a new phone in a couple months/weeks, but for many others that’s too expensive

I would think there would be no problem to return the settings were you can set the graphics really on low, not on ‘low but still high’

I do agree with you that not everyone can afford a expensive device. But if you can I would suggest to get a tablet as they normally have quite a bit of ram.

Check out this thread by @Kirito_77 to find a device that will work!

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,my device is samsung galaxy tab s sm-t805 and it has around 2.7 RAM, its older than your device, 2014.

i have my texture settings at medium as for rending quality i jump between “good” and “fast” both work great only that “good” can get a bit laggy at busy airspace while “fast” works really smooth, try to have your texture at medium its actually could be better than low!

and the rest are the known stuff, keep the planes count at “low” keep the limit frame rate activated, clear cache between time to time even during a flight,. and this is something extra that i do which is i clear data and restart the device after every flight,.

so since the update the app never crashed for me, usually before the update the app used to crash very often and it was really annoying.

I had a Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra. It was really good at high settings, but texture at medium. But after this update. Something out of nowhere came to graphics.

What do you mean?

Thanks or the answer!
I already tried all those things, and before the update it was perfect at low graphics but now it is sooo laggy. I will try to put the texture quality at medium. My plane count is already on low of course

i faced the same issue in LeTV eco 1s. earlier it used to run like butter in low graphic. now it was very laggy

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