Device becoming warm during flight

Most of the time when I’m playing Infinite Flight, my app can get quite warm at times. It happens mostly when I do a flight over 3h. Is this normal? Is it bad for my phone?

Also I’m sorry if this is in the wrong category, I wasn’t sure which one to put it as.


think it’s to do with the quality of the graphics and your device working hard but not sure

Not really helping someone if you don’t know, leave it for people who are certain or staff or regulars

Hi mate, It might because of the graphics of the game, it getting harder to produce the picture of the screen so the device is becoming hot because it working so hard. This is my conclusion. I believe it is wifi overuse

Ok. I’ll reduce the graphics quality then. See how it reacts. It doesn’t effect the performance of the game. I just thought maybe it’s not good for it

A simple guess doesn’t hurt, and plus, they aren’t wrong. A comment like that isn’t needed.


yeah that is good idea

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tell me it works

He still provided a strong assumption. Even if it was a guess, it wasn’t one made up out of nowhere.

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It does it a lot when charging (obviously) so I might just do it when it’s charging 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

trying to help it may be a different case to what i suggested to that’s why it’s a not sure

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Somebody could back up his answer. At least he’s trying to help. I thank you for that

dw mate im new to this and trying to fit in the community

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Ahhh there’s no such thing as fitting in 😉😉😉 everyone here is different

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Hello @Sean_McCormack!

The reason for the device getting to hot is more than likely to be your device being given lots of “work” or in some cases too much work, let’s say in a non-tech kinda way 😂.

Short amounts of time shouldn’t have an issue but you said after 3hrs.

If you’re doing a long haul, enable the option in IF to reduce the graphics after a period of time. This should help reduce the work your phone is doing. Also, lowering the graphics quality anyway will always help (especially Anti-aliasing).
If even that doesn’t help, reduce your brightness.
One more useful thing to add is that if you’re on a Samsung device, use Samsung’s “Game Launcher”. This helps optimise your device for gaming or battery saving. Another mode on there is anti touch which not also helps prevent you touching A/P off by accident (I have done a few times!) But also reduces your brightness further when not touching the device, great for long hauls and overnights.

I hope this helps and best of luck!


For extra info, if you give your device too much work and it overheats for a long period of time, it can affect performance and device lifetime in the long run 👍


Thank you!! I believe it’s called low power mode in the Infinite Flight settings. Right?

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Sure is! Couldn’t remember on the top of my head 👍

I actually completely forgot about that setting. Thank you!!

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No problem! Let me know if that sorted it