Device battery percentage

So, I find at times I want to check my device battery to see where I’m at when I’m away from a charger. Often times I end up losing my flight progress when I check how much battery I have left. So neglect to do that as of late.

Anyways, I was thinking it would be a nice feature where you could add your device battery percentage as an option in the customizable bar at the bottom of the screen to know what’re your device is at.

I don’t know what device you are using, but for my Android device, I just need to swipe from the top, and a small bar appears at the top with some info and the battery percentage…

(After a quick swipe from the top, the mini panel above appears and the navigation button on the right side)
Again, I don’t know what your device is though…


That’s cool, I use the iPad.

There’s this one game I play that has that feature, pretty neat


Oh ok, I’m not familiar with iOS…but this isn’t a feauture exactly from IF on my phone, I can do it inside every app…it’s a default I guess u can say :)
Anyways, like I said, not familiar with iOS so yea.


I’ve had to his similar problem, and would love to see it changed.


No worries man, thanks for the insight!

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Great feature, I think Apple should implement this for all apps that launch full screen.


Totally agree with that!


I too have had this, on my iPad. The only way I know, to see the battery percentage is by briefly closing the app.

I am not freeing up a Vote for this, as I consider this a ‘nice to have’. But the idea has my support.

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Thats cool but think about the Developers who have to debug your phone and code your actual percent usage in the game. Overall great thinking

As far as apple I know it is in apps like Instagram and snapchat so it has been done. I do like the idea

I’ve never had this problem before and I’m using an iPad. I hit the menu button or swipe down from the top to see the batt percentage and the app never crashed.

It’s simpler than you think. Apple have an API (something that means the Devs can use the device resources and information easily*) that allows you to access the battery status.

* Heavily simplified


Just swipe tip the control center. Your app isn’t gone

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If you slide down the notification center from the top, you can see your percentage. And, if you don’t stay there for long, you won’t lose your flight.


For some reason my fresh iPad Pro crashes when I do that sometimes.

Still crashes sometimes doing that.

Probably just my bad luck lol.

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I had this problem before the Global update. When I swiped to check battery life It would boot me from my flight. I don’t have that issue anymore. It shouldn’t interfere with your flight as long as you quickly swipe back up.

We need this desperately! Nice thoughts on this! I have an IOS so it would be a great help!