Device [Apple Ipad Mini 2] crashes when entering procedures even after the hotfix

Hello, community.

I am in a bit of strife. I have recently downloaded the new update + hotfix to my Ipad. When I attempt to load a flight and enter a SID, STAR or approach, the app crashes. I have taken the following steps to solve the problem, but have not had any luck.

Restarted my Device
Reinstalled the app
Ensured I have enough storage to run the app
Restarted the app

Even after all the effort, I have had no success in solving the issue. My device & game specs are as follows.

Device: Apple iPad Mini 2
Memory: 32GB [18.1GB Free]
OS: Apple iOS 12.4.6 [Most up-to-date, Apple weren’t letting me update to iOS13]
Network: Strong 5Ghz WiFi connection.

Infinite Flight App Version: 20.01.01
Rendering: All LOW
Anti-Aliasing: OFF
Airplane Count: LOW
Limit Frame Rate: ON

Hoping to have this resolved as the live subscription was a Christmas present from 2019.

Thanks in advance!

this device is extremely old now and will not run IF well… perhaps time to upgrade or change to another device…

Haha. Yeah, don’t really have the budget for a new device. $1400 for a device pretty similar to my $400 one… but thanks for replying so quickly

apple has stopped delivering IOS updates to your device now, there is no other alternative really… Below is a thread worth looking at!

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With the A7 and 1GB of RAM it will crash, as backed up by this
" Make sure all settings are as low as it goes. It runs IF very slow and crashes frequently. I would not recommend to use this for IF. Just like every other device that gets old, it’s not great to run IF."

Hey, weird this is happening with SIDs/STARs. Is there a specific procedure that’s causing this?

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Hey @Cameron. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I tried doing LH454 Frankfurt to Boston and Couldn’t select the OBOK2W/N SID. I’ll give other SIDs at other airports a go and report back.

Ok, seems to be now I can select a SID, oceanic track and arrival before the app crashes. Tried a SID at Amsterdam and it worked fine.

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Thanks for the update. Hopefully the new navigation update we pushed a few days ago will help with this

Cheers. I appreciate all your hard work on this app. Thank for doing such a great job, Cameron.

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