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Hey everyone, I recognize there are some threads already for what I’m about to ask, but I’m doing it anyway because I have a specific question still unanswered. My old iPad 2 is starting to get on my nerves, I won’t get into it but it’s an issue. So I’m thinking of getting a new one.

The question: it’s iPad Air 2 or the 9.7" pro. Obviously we’d love the pro. I do not want to pay for it but I would if I’m convinced it’s wise. So can anyone convince me that the the air2 is great and it’s not worth paying so much extra for not much added benefit? Anyone who uses the air2 id like to hear from, better yet, the amazingly helpful person who has run IF on both. Or maybe the person who has great technical knowledge who can warn me that the 9.7 pro would actually be significantly better when global comes out? All I want is highest quality rendering, no lag, no more crashing the app on the ground at lax. These are my thoughts, thanks for any input.


haha your title rhymes :)


It took me a minute, nothing rhymes with tablet

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Stay tuned for my “all posts must rhyme” meta topic once I wordsmith that one. Think of all the chatter that could be cut back. Ask yourself- what rhymes with “confirmed”? (Kidding, kidding, gimme that Concorde)

I achieve all of your requested requirements (except global) with the iPhone 6. That being said I have also read from many users that the iPad Air 2 is a great piece of equipment for IF. One variable to keep in mind is whether the dev’s are going to continue expanding IF graphic details, and will that make our current adequate tablets/phones obsolete? This is a tricky one. iPad Pro is quite an expense.

I am assuming that you can afford the Pro so I would go that route. I play IF on my Pro with the graphics set to the highest quality and it looks amazing with no lag. The four speakers and the screen are definitely worth it not to mention that with all the upgrades compared to the Air 2, it will handle future updates without any problems.

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