Development RoadMap suggestion

I thought about adding this to the features category but figured it’s more META related as the developers would use the forum for the roadmap.

What’s a roadmap?

A roadmap is expected goals/features the developers want to add to the game, there is no necessary time period.

It could be a future update they expect in 4 days or an update they expect in 6 months.

I think this would be a really neat addition to the forum so we can see what’s next in the works and what to look forward to in the future.

In the road map the developers would mark what tasks have been completed. What’s in the works or things that have been cut from development.


This forum runs on Discourse. I don’t know if that is possible. I think that’s what update tracking threads are for.

It is hard for forecasts as some features are coming far into the future.

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It could be done on a forum almost like a change log.

Version 5.06 expected April 29:

  • runway lights completed

  • Taxiway lights incomplete

  • F22 rework incomplete


The devs have a list for them… But like always, when they put it out on the internet, then people get angry when it gets pushed back…

So let’s take the CRJ Update for instance…

If they would have said March 23rd, then they would be more than a month late and people would be miserable… Instead, they have said nothing… So nobody can get mad :)



Essentially that’s what the roadmap would accomplish. While features that are incomplete wont make this update it might get the next update. Its something we can actively see and watch its progress :)

Nothing is greater than seeing progress, but I can agree with what you’re saying!


Any development information is kept internally within FDS. That’s for a reason obviously. This is the same for most App creators as things don’t always work out the way they want and having 40,000 plus angry people when it’s delayed or banging on about the update which may come on so and so date isn’t a good idea in the slightest


I like this idea. I think why people get frustrated/angry is because of the silence/lack of transparency. Not complaining, but I think some updates on progress would help tame these people while also tossing the rest of us a bone as we wait. No need for dates/timelines, but a checklist indicating “complete” or “in progress” would definitely be neat.


I do like this idea! I think that if you could at least show the public what is done and what is currently being worked or what is causing the delay, then people won’t be so upset with any delays. Also, it might be useful to give an expected finish date that actually a lot slower than the real expected date, just so that you can have some extra leeway if anything goes wrong.

I also think that it could help clear up what is actually being released because a lot of the time it is very unclear what all is coming in the update. Maybe that’s just to help the hype.

All in all, great idea, and I would be happy to help see this through if they do decide to start up an roadmap.


I also like the idea of a road map just to show potential works in progress. But as we all know this won’t happen and as it’s about things we want, expect this post to be closed sometime very soon


The idea of a roadmap is actually not a bad idea


Cool but everyone will get mad at them when it’s not released “on time”… They need to learn to be patient. It may cause a chaos but I do think it’s a good idea for patient people…

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Well those people should also understand that this is not a government agency in a democratic country. Nor is it a publicly traded company that has to answer to shareholders. People are lucky they get the interaction that they do. What FDS does and how they interact, sometimes daily, outside of moderators in support is almost unheard of across all apps/game developers.

Just because someone buys a product doesn’t mean they get a say or are able to demand insight/timelines through complaining.

There’s a free market out there and I implore those that aren’t satisfied with how they expect FDS to operate to go and experience others mobile sims.

I can almost say for certainty you will see where the grass is greener… hint hint, FDS.


I’m gonna ask the OP or any regular to please change the title to something not as clickbait?

Maybe “Roadmap Suggestion” or something?

EDIT: Thanks @Matthew_Chan

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🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ It is pretty click baity, probably not their intention.

I don’t like changing things though.

@dush19 does though


We are mostly transparent with our development already. When we are not, it is because we are still not 100% certain a feature can be released.

Releasing a feature that work on the hundreds of different devices we support is not an easy task and we often have to cancel certain features we have been working on for weeks/months. I don’t think that showing that process would benefit the community since many wouldn’t understand (not being negative here, just not something that is easy to grasp if you don’t develop on mobile).


I would also add that the path to add certain features is often not straightforward; sometime we have to focus on things that seem completely unrelated so we can save a few milliseconds per frame that are needed for that other feature to work as expected.


I would aggre, though I have not developes an app, there have been times on school projects etc. Whare people dont seem to understand that some things have limitations and you cant just wish up a CRJ update…

Sounds fair, I can see what you mean when you put it like that.


@schyllberg close the topic good sir?

Not sure why you’re replying to me. I never stated it “must” happen nor do I get frustrated with how they’re handling themselves and this app now, I just said it would be neat. Nowhere in my comment did I state I wasn’t satisfied, quite the opposite actually; I said I wasn’t complaining.

I fully understand they have no obligation to do this, but since it seems to have gone over your head…I’ll say it again: I like this idea and it would be neat. In regards to the ‘transparency’ comment, since I seem to be misunderstood, I was referring to the progress. Yes, FDS is open about their progress, I simply said this would add another level of transparency. Not sure who poured salt in some of your coffees this morning.