Development question/suggest regarding in-app replays

Dear Infinite flight,
Hope all is doing well and congratulations on your A 220-300 Release. I have been a infinite flight “pilot” for a long time and I love the game along with the growth that you guys have made. I am writing you to ask you a question that I have had for some time now. When I am replaying my flights on solo mode i notice that when I have been loading the plan up in the replay at that portion of the replay is make the plane earthier sing into the ground or float into the air for the amount of time that it took me to load the plane. Is there a way to program the game to make that not happen because when I am in Online mode and I do the replay it does not show the plane sinking or floating into the air when I am in the replay mode and I am loading the plane. I know you guys have your hand full with the upcoming update but I am wondering if that has come to your attention.

Looking forward to your answer and happy development,

Infinite flight pilot

@seth_davison_twomey great question that would be best answered by the development team and staff.

@Declan_O I’ve moved it to General since it’s something that’s known, since nothing has been announced such as a timeline or clear path to resolving this issue, probably best to have it here instead for more insight from IFLLC.


No worries mate! I was tossing up between which category to put it in. Couldn’t decide between support and general, haha!

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Hey, great to see you posting again in the community. I love the question as well. i will be waiting excitedly beside you for any answers if the staff or devs decide to reply !!

Hey, thanks for the report. Would you be able to share a replay in which this happened? There are some instructions below on how to do so.

Option #1: Share My Infinite Flight (Recommended)
  1. Go to
  2. Upload your replay from your device.
  3. Copy and Paste the link it gives you into a reply to this message.

For more information please visit the Share My Infinite Flight (.com) tutorial.

Option #2: Google Drive

Share your replay through Google Drive or another file sharing service. Please make sure that the link you send is public. If the file is private we will be unable to access the replay for review.

Option #3: WeTransfer

Share your replay through WeTransfer. WeTransfer is a free and harmless file sharing service. It requires no account signups or personal information from you. The only thing that you’ll ultimately submit is your replay.

  1. Before you add a file, you must first have saved your replay locally to the device you’re on. So if you’re on iOS for example, share it from within Infinite Flight and click on “Save to Files”.
  2. Go to and click on “Send a file?”
  3. Tap or click on “Add your files”. From here you will go and retrieve the file that you saved in step 1 and upload it now.
  4. Once the replay has been uploaded, simply tap on “Next” and ensure that “Get a link” has been selected.
  5. Tap or click on “Transfer”. Tap on “Copy link” and paste that link here in this message as a reply. This link is crucial as we will need this link to download your reply to investigate your appeal.
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