Development of the C-130 + Tracking Thread

True passion for your job 😂. Nice work on the C-130! 👍🏻

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I love your work Laura.

Ipad works just as well.

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Well… I was proving wrong.

Nice C-130 in top left corner! ;)


The antennas!!


Yeah but that old scenery though…


That’s the normal IF terrain I’m pretty sure.

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Precisely. 😐

I guess I’ll just have to do KLAX-LSZH and KSFO-LSZH until new stuff is available.


When I first saw this picture on IF Facebook, I thought they were focusing in on the 737. I thought they added the 737 MAX. Lol.


Hahah Laura and FDS are good at taking screens where the thing coming in the update is subtly in the background, like Lauras joystick photo

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Subtle is great when you don’t have like…The biggest cliff hanger ever swinging in the balance.

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The terrain…😢 Thought it would be better with global, guess I was wrong. But it’s ok, Global is a huge leap and C130 is cool.


Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure they’ll show terrain after the C-130 update

I don’t think Laura is using the global flight version of IF.

Or if we’re lucky. It’ll come with.

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That would be something to hope for, but I doubt it will😕

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It’d be nice to know for sure if it will or won’t, date notwithstanding.

Less disappointment that way when it doesn’t.

I wonder if we’d be able to choose how the inside of the cargo hold looks. Since now we know it opens it would be cool to choose whether it’s empty, full of random misc cargo, or tanks/humveees. They could make you choose based on either livery or in a similar fashion to that of weapons for the f14

The C-130 Door!!!