Development of the C-130 + Tracking Thread

If you search up c130 variants the L100 is the one being shown as being used as a civilian aitcraft.

I know that, but what I don’t know is that if we’ll be getting this civilian version or not. If yes, great! If no, we’ll still have the C-130!

My big question is will the C-130 have he brown smoke trail they leave when you see them on final approach


Really? It lloks like an Antonov tail to me. Based on anothe photo recently released though, it looks like there’s going to be a MASSIVE update.

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It does, but it is very minute.

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Pretty much at this point.

Laura is very good at trolling too.

And you are very gullible.

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I doubt it could be anything else at this point…

If it is a C-130, it’ll be nice to have a high-quality military aircraft to join/surpass the F-14/F-16/F-22. I’ve always thought the military selection in IF is a bit sparse. Plus, the C-17, F-18 and A-10 are all in need of reworking, and aren’t very fun to fly.


This will be interesting.

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I say very cool. You know a wise C-130 told me, “I look very cool now.”

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Can’t wait for Mark to do a tutorial on:

It has to be done.


you can’t prove that it’s none of those

That I definitely want to try

today one flew over my house

I don’t get it, why can’t the devs just tell us?

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Patience children.


That’s it in the back guys. From Laura’s Instagram.


Ahhh, you were ten seconds earlyer than me before posting this!