Development of Iraq's airports

Iraq’s airports should always be developed. We always see the development of countries around the world, but Iraq does not have any development on its airports … such as Basra International Airport {ORMM}, Sulaymaniyah Airport {ORCU} , Najaf Airport and Erbil Airport {ORER} … Please look at this topic and develop it as soon as possible … Thank you🇮🇶♥️


Hey! The IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) edits airports that they choose, when they want to. They don’t take requests, but I’m sure that someone will see this and take note for a future edit :)

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This one should be in next airport & nav update, so stay tuned.

And this one is in the works currently.


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I’m currently working through the Iranian airports. I’ll see if I can gives some love to Iraq’s airports sometime in the future. Thanks!

– ECoops123, Airport Editing Supervisor


Najaf Airport is non-existent in IF, but its airspace is actually there…

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Airspaces aren’t related to the airports in game (they come from different sources). As said above by Tsumia this airport should be seen in game sometime in the near future.

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Yeah I know the airspaces are from Navblue but its up to the IFAET for the airports

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And also @Capt.Yousif.Al-iraqi welcome to the community, feel free to PM me if you have any questions

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5 out of 18 available 1 in work, more then a quart and soon a third available, not that bad. Only two missing completly.

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Does Najaf count? since its a iraq airport and its not in the game

@GameBoy_KIRB it’s in the database and should be added somewhat soon. There are tons of missing airports that are slowly being added.

oh cool thanks


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