Development of Ayodhya Airport

Hello all aviators,
As an Indian, I would like to emphasize on the development of Ayodhya Airport “the birth place of Lord Shree Rama”* with IATA: AYJ and ICAO: VEAY codes. This is my request to all the fellow Indian Aviators to spread this topic as much as possible so, this request can reach the Infinite Flight team.
Thank you, Jai Shree Ram


Its better that Delhi Airport gets developed not such remote airports. Delhi IGI should be made 3D with 4 runways in place


you are right, VIDP needs 3D update. But IRL this airport will serve more domestic and international routes and every airport IRL should exist in IF. Especially all commercial airports

Hello Jai, we agree, we’d love to see every airport in the world updated with 2D and 3D features however, this is a monumental task. Have no fear though, the airport editing team has an application process and we spread encouragement for more fellow aviation enthusiasts to join us. See the application process here: Scenery Editing Application Thread

Do note that the editing team is making changes to the processes to better serve the community but the above link is a great starting point for peaking interests into joining our team. Hope to see you around :)