Development of acrobatic style aircraft allowing for “hosted” air shows within infinite flight live

Acrobatic aircraft flying, particularly with multiple aircraft in formation is the epitome of aviation excitement. Infinite Flight should push to re-develop the Blue Angles FA-18 and/or the Thunderbirds F-16, allowing for flight teams to come together within this community, practice, and prepare for my next point here:

Air shows within infinite flight live. Organized by IF select an airport, and close it down for a specific event of 1-3 hours, where approved aircraft can come in and conduct acrobatic air shows in a controlled sequence. Rosters must be signed up before hand with a time slot so the event remains organized. Also, allow for spectators to join in a camera “free” mode to line up along the run way and watch the show. Being able to bring groups of pilots within IF to come together for this enthusiasm and to demonstrate great aircraft handling skills would certainly bring this flight simulator experience to the next level.

Final note, we definitely need either Blue Angles or Thunderbirds Jets with a full detailed development! Probably Blue Angels because we already have Fat Albert C-130 developed and ready to go to complement any team formation that came together.

Hey! I’m guessing that you would like the physics of these aircraft to be updated? I would too, you can vote for them below, they are definitely two awesome aircraft!

If you want to be a part of an air show keep a look in the #live:events category and if you see one sign up! There are also a few VOs that specialize in this, check them out below!

If you would like to make your own please wait until you are TL2 so you can post in the #live:events category. Once your there, use the correct format and put some thought into it. Keep liking and posting and you will be TL2 in no time!


This would result in a lot of Level 1 Violations. If aircraft (regardless of spectating or participation in the event), sit idle on the runway for longer than 30 seconds (I believe), the game will start issuing violations. However, I’m sure the staff have the ability to turn that off at their discretion, should such an event like the one proposed happen, and re-enable it once the event is over.

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Right, it would have to be a new development, so that spectators could join the airport with no aircraft, and drop in as a “free” camera mode where you can navigate your camera view anywhere, to set up to view the show where you might be in real life at a normal air show.

Maybe something like one of these?

I do agree with your points here. Just throwing out ideas here but having a TFR that waives violations for certain aircraft (ie only the users performing) would be nice, as it would mean we can have the show on the Expert Server with an Air Boss (ATC). On the flip side though, the privilege of no violations could very easily be abused if a performer decides to crash into the spectators at Mach 5 then we could have an issue. However if all performers have an IFC Account, there is an element of accountability.

Probably never going to happen due to possible abuse not to mention the effort required to select every performer, but an interesting concept nevertheless.

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