(Developing Story) 737 Crashes after takeoff from Cuba

Sad story today as the year continues to get worse this time a Boeing 737 has crashed right after takeoff from Cuba it was headed to Guyana and fatalities are being reported More info will be coming shortly but people have been reported saying a large fireball could be seen from Havana airport this afternoon scary sight indeed. Wishing for the best down in Cuba
Aircraft: 737-200
107 Passengers and Crew

New reports say the aircraft is 38 years old 737-200 and in fact registration was XA-UHZ


Damn this is heartbreaking, may all those souls rest in peace.


This has really not been a great year for aviation. May the fatalities rest in peace and hopefully the families of them are ok.


Does anyone know which 737 series it is? I assume it’s a 200 or 300?

I think it was a 300


Oh my! And I fly out in two weeks. I hope they all Rest In Peace :(


A gloomy day for aviation indeed. 2018 has been a terrible year for the industry and it is now getting worse and worse! I read some reports earlier and I was quite confused as some people mentioned that it was an American Airlines plane but American denied ownership of the aircraft. A private jet was also on the list but I doubt many people have 737s as private planes. Cubana de Aviación was also put in he list but I highly doubt they have the B737 as I have never heard or seen about this plane in the airlines fleet. The accident is quite fresh so we may not have all the info to theorize what the cause could be. All rumors aside, I truly wish the best for all the families of the victims.


Cubana? I thought cubana only operates russian jet…

Prayers to the victims… i hope there are some survivors

Very sad. From what i’ve heard/seen the plane got airborne for a bit. So it most likely stalled after takeoff role. But i was watching a video on facebook and a witness said there was a flame coming out of the engine so it could’ve been a bird strike ;(


Flight CU972 from Havana to Holguin, operated by Global Air on behalf of Cubana de Aviacion. Aircraft is a 38-year-old Boeing 737-200, registration XA-UHZ, with 104 passengers and 9 crew (a total of 113 souls) onboard. Only 3 have been pulled out alive. May those that passed, rest in peace in this terrible tragedy.

[Updated as the news develops]

Source: The Aviation Herald, BBC.


This finally explains the odd plane on Cubanas fleet as we all know they do not operate 737s. An investigation on blue panorama may also Ben necessary

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Updated 1:53 pm et: A Boeing 737 with 104 people on board has crashed on takeoff from Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport, according to Cuba’s state-run television. The plane was operated by Cubana de Aviacion — Cuba’s national carrier. It was headed to the Cuban city of Holguin. The flight crashed near a high school in the Boyeros neighborhood, located next to the airport. A huge fireball was seen at the site of the crash.

The plane lay in a field and appeared heavily damaged and burnt, with firefighters spraying water on its smoldering remains. Government officials including President Miguel Diaz-Canel rushed to the site, along with a large number of emergency medical workers and ambulances. Residents of the rural area said they had seen some survivors being taken away in ambulances.

The plane was rented by Cubana, which has taken many of its aging planes out of service in recent months due to mechanical problems.


I’ve heard the A/C on use was an ex Aerolíneas Argentinas plane (LV-BDV)

My prayer and condolences goes out to those inflicted by this tragic event 😢

Here are some of the latest news about this horrible accident, published by “The Independent


My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. What a tragic accident. :(


My condolences and prayers go to the familes and the loved ones who has been affected by this tragedy. :( #SaveAviation2018

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Showed this to my friend, and he said…

“Well it’s 2018 what do you expect…”

An unfortunately true statement…

How is that a true statement?

It was a 737-200 not -400.

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@Joeoreilly77 @KillR it’s a -400