Developer roles

Ik this is really really random but can i get a list of the devs and their roles? A bit curious

asher’s got this 👇🏼


Not all the devs are on the forum and a lot of them do not disclose what they do specifically. A lot of them may switch and work on other specific projects as well. I can try and compile some stuff.

Cameron: works on server management usually and does other fun update stuff (small portion of what he does)
Laura: Well a huge mix of stuff tbh. Updates, aircraft physics, server stuff, etc
Kevin: Last I heard he does stuff with the atmosphere
Phillipe: Pretty sure he is working on project metal primarily.

Please note this list may not be fully accurate and there are likely more devs that are not disclosed. But lemme tell ya, the people that power this app are very very talented indeed.


Agreed, Jarno’s our livery designer I believe too.

Yeah he doesn’t code though as far as I know but you also got Kirill working on cockpits and stuff with Jarno. Pretty sure they have contractors that also assist.


Lets not forget the great Tyler and Misha :D and thank youu

Haha yeah wouldn’t consider those “developers” as they are on the community aspect.


I don’t believe they develop anything,

Tyler just leads our IFATC system and Misha’s our social media manager :)

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That includes all media management, such as management for keeping the IFC happy and healthy (Instagram, Twitter, and so on). 👆

Frankly I’m surprised he hasn’t changed the logo to a unicorn yet. Infinite Unicorns sounds right up Misha’s street.


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