Developer Callsigns

Hey everyone,

Recently I’ve been seeing Matt a lot flying around in Live. I see his callsign “N1RT”, but I’ve never known what is actually means.

This topic is to talk about what they mean, and which developer has which callsign.

I found this picture from late 2014 on IF website:

If you look closely in the “Departures” column, you’ll find the callsign “N2RT”. You would think this would possibly be Philippe, but if you look closely in the background, you can see it says “Matthieu Laban”. But if Matt is flying, he couldn’t be controlling, unless he has two accounts (currently, he has 4 in total).

That leaves us with two options:

  1. Matt is flying and controlling at the same time (2 accounts).
  2. Philippe is controlling.

This also brings up my topic about Philippe in Live:


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why is your atc menu different?

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This picture is the beta version taken by Matt. It was posted last year.

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If you actually read the topic, you would know. ;)


Soooo, what do they mean?

Searching Google reveals that N1RT and N2RT are real callsigns, both aircraft located in Texas. I’m no expert, but based on Matt’s profile image, the cockpit is perhaps that of the beechcraft N1RT is.

I sorta figured they were aircraft N numbers or registration.

Wasn’t sure if they had a deeper meaning or were chosen for a particular reason.

I don’t know, we have to wait for an answer from the devs.

I searched them up as well, but if you search up the cockpit of those aircraft, they don’t match with Matt’s.

Thanks for confirming that.

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Really? Didn’t know that. I thought it might be with registration or something like that.

Matt can do anything, he’s the developer. He can control and fly 3 different planes of he really wanted top :)


Appears we have a Cult developing. Interesting social phenomena! This Forum becomes more interesting daily. Max Sends


It is an aircraft registration. In general aviation we use our aircraft N numbers as our callsign when flying. Hence, Matt must be the one flying the Beech 95.

You call always go to to look up aircraft & owner information.

I found a picture of the other aircraft N2RT Piper 24

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I’m pretty sure he doesn’t fly a Beech 95, I believe he posted somewhere what he flied. I’ll ask him.


“Citabria 7GCAA mainly, and I’ve got a lot of time on C172, PA28.”


Thanks! ;)

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Matts uses his real world call sign in Infinite Flight. If I remember correctly. :)

I don’t actually :)