So I bet im not the first one who thought of this, nor will i be the last, but i was thinking, maybe the devs could start making Devbuilds using TestFlight for iOS and its android counterpart. It could be a perk of IF pro or such. If its too much of a hassle then its cool.

Just a thought

There are beta versions being tested by selected members. It’s good that there are only a few people who have access to these versions. It gives IF a better overview and a more efficient way to fix errors.


They only have a selected people for Beta because…beta is a pre realise of the application and often have many bugs and that would be a huge hustle on the IFC as the #support category will flood…I Don’t want to even picture that


Makes sense…

The suggestion is appreciated. Beta testers for iOS currently use TestFlight as a means of getting new updates to test a new update that will eventually make it out to the public. Its a process that has been working well for Infinite Flight for quite some time and I forsee them continuing to use this method.
The developers that we have working on Infinite Flight are some of the best and they’ve got a great plan for this amazing flight sim. Continue to stay tuned right here on the forum for the latest and greatest news! Thanks!