Devastating server issues

Hey, I understand the issue is frustrating - we’re happy to help, but no need to tag Seb less than 20 mins after making the first post :)

I can see you’re in India, are you using Jio as your network provider by any chance? We’ve had issues reported from users with 5G on Jio. Apparently, 4G LTE can work intermittently.

As this is a provider-specific issue, it’s hard for us to provide an immediate solution on our end. We believe this could be related to some networking stack changes anywhere between our provider and your network (as our code changes were not related to the underlying networking code).

A few things you can try:

  • Use 4G or 3G if you are using Jio to see if the experience is better
  • Try using a different provider if you’re able to
  • Try and use a VPN, as this may improve the stability (if you try NordVPN, be sure to check this info about which protocol to use)