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I’m I the only one who just spent like 3 or 4 hours heating IF teams dev log taking things. They answer so many questions that I have and I see people ask. I suggest that more people should watch them.

I’m also watching a bunch of video bc I really want to join IFATC and I have 1 year until I can apply. Also I gtg do my homework it’s getting late lol.

Same I watched one today and super helpful!

Fact: Last video contains the reason why 19.1 was delayed.

Hint: that reason just wrote this reply 😏


Listening to developer streams is an interesting way to learn and get to know the people hard at work for the game we all love and play. They’ve created an amazing game along with this community, and just seeing their faces and hearing their voices does reassure you that these people are human and that we should respect and come to love such a caring, initiating small team.

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I don’t even remember why. Why? Lol

Lol. I remember the IFAE guys spamming playful insults at me in the DM saying that I delayed 19.1. Turns out, I have @jasonrosewell to thank because he mentioned that I reported a show-stopper replay bug, so an RTM version had to be scrapped. Don’t remember when he said it in the video though. Heheh

Sorry not sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️


They felt like it lol I’m watching the last one rm


Don’t ping him tho I would recommend as they are busy at work do work

This was really cool. I like watching these because it explains things to me and it lets me put a name to the face.

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weird flex but okay

Yes it sure does I hope for more in the future

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