Deutschland - IFATC Destinations #1

Welcome to the first post in my all-new series, IFATC Destinations.

About this Series

Each post in this series will showcase the upcoming airports being served by IFATC.
The aircraft in the photos will most likely host the day’s featured airline.
Photos will usually be released soon before IFATC is scheduled to begin controlling.
Note: this series is not officially made by Infinite Flight or IFATC. Just me. :)

For today’s post, we get a first-look at some of Saturday’s featured airports. (Germany!)
All photos were shot in Solo mode.


An absolutely stunning sunrise departure at EDDF! ☀️ (Lufthansa B747-8)

On final at EDDL. 🛬 (Lufthansa A320)

Notice anything moving in the background? 😉 (EDDM - Lufthansa A330)

Stay tuned for future posts in this series.


Absolutely gorgeous. Nice work! :)

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That last photo is beautiful.

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First shot is stunning!

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Love the aircrafts “moving” in the last picture. Also looking forward to your future IFATC Destinations photos. 🙂

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