Deutsche Luftwaffe VO

Guten Tag / Hello everyone !

I just had the idea about an German Airforce VO / Deutsche Luftwaffe.
(to everyone who wants to explain what an VA or VO … I already know thanks)
but why ?

I know that the „Luftwaffe“ is currently quiet embarrassing with only 4 fighter jets who are combat ready of 120!
But I think it would be quite cool beacuse I want to become a commercial pilot!
Now you ask whyyyy do you want to create an Airforce VO ?
So I really really like everything about aviation (GA, commercial flights, military, cargo etc.) but for me flying from A to B in IF is quiet cool but I want to have more fun and action! And the reason for the „Luftwaffe“ is because I come from Germany…
(I know there is already a USAF VO but honestly I don‘t want to be a pilot for them.
No front really like the USA 🇺🇸
I mean a corporation would be very cool !

So the quetüstion is (an alle deutschsprachigen Personen: wollt ihr ne VO bzw. fändet ihr sowas cool und würdet mitmachen?)

Are you interested in this VO ?

  • Yesss !
  • No, not really

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Here are some pics:






I know that there is no Tornado, Eurofighter or A400M in the game but I am sure and I really hope the will be added in the future !
Meanwhile we could take the F18, F16, AC130 etc.
so we would borrow it 😆

The VO would be created in April, May or the following months (by me)
(I know that it must be approved and this takes like 2 months)

But anyway I would love to see this VO in IF and yeah !

Ok so that’s enough I think !
If you don‘t understand something or you have questions, feel free to ask me ! 😁

Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪!

Good day !

Hello. You could contact @Asneed8706 and see if you can get a branch in the GAF, but I don’t think it’s a good Idea to go on your own.


Guten Tag @anon99275236!

You should read this as you think about starting a Deutsche Luftwaffe, it has all the necessary info you need:

I think it is a cool idea!


Thank you! Will read it!

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Schöne Grüße @anon99275236!

There are already some VAs/VOs similar to that. Check these out!

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But I told it in the post … I don‘t want to be in such an VA … cause I want to fly German routes etc.
I mean corporations would be cool but I don‘t know how to explain it but it‘s another feeling for me! 😁
But thx for your answer


If you need any advice, feel free to PM me 👍

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Thanks mate !
I know but my idea is not just do some loopings etc. or formation flights … I want to fly some military operations, too.
And I know the Global Air Force but as I told the other one … it‘s another feeling for me!

Yes! Thank you

Be sure to reference when creating your va