Deutsche Luftwaffe plans to buy A350

As some of you may know already, the Deutsche Luftwaffe, Germany’s Airforce, is responsible to transport the chancellor and other ministers. The Flugbereitschaft (responsible for transporting politicians) is currently operating two A340-300, two A319, one A321, and four Bombardier Global 5000. Especially the A340‘s have had major issues preventing the Flugbereitschaft from transporting Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel to Buenos Aires in late November last year for example. Other failures occurred shortly after, leading the Federal Ministry of Defense to look for alternatives. As of today, it’s planned to buy at least three A350s at Airbus. The first A350 will enter service this year. They’ll be delivered in a standard commercial layout which will be changed to a VIP layout later on.

All Airbus aircraft in service at the moment are refitted Lufthansa aircrafts which leads to an age of almost 20 years for both A340s.

An A340-300 of the Flugbereitschaft

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Amazing!! Very good news. A nation like Germany should be represented in a proper way. Finally!


Haha let’s hope the livery is nice aswell!


I love seeing the A350 in different liveries

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Even if they use the current livery, it’ll still look pretty cool!


Germany would be the first country to have an A350 as a government aircraft, simply that fact is pretty amazing. Until 2009 Germany used an A310 for VIP flights, now we have the A340s but an A350 would be something really nice since it’s such a new aircraft and has a truly stunning design.


Would pretty much make sense now to move on and order the newer aircrafts, for the long period. I really do love the A350 because of its modern cabin and technology.

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It is now officially confirmed that the German government will buy 3 brand new Airbus A350-900 for 1’200’000’000€ (or 1.2 billion, I just wanted to visualize the insane number of zeros).

The first one is about to be ordered within the next weeks, and the other two until 2026. They’ll replace the old A340s.

Handelsblatt (German)
The Local Germany (English)


Eine A330 könnte reichen

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Ich habe keine geld is the extent of my German :/


Why exactly do they need 3 I wonder. Also what’s the views of the German people, I’m sure there would be an outcry here if we even got one of those planes.

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I pretty much like the imagination of seeing an A350 in my countries colors. :)
Still a lot of money for three planes, but I think it’s the right step simply because of all the painstakingness the A340s are producing.

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I think the need for 3 planes is to also transport VIP executives and other people flying different routes to different countries.

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The Luftwaffle

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As he pointed out, can we just take a second to comprehend just how massive that number is? 1,200,000,000 million euros, or 1,356,000,000 USD.

Here’s some other things you could buy with that for comparison:

(All without sales tax)

(Original price converted to USD, and all products in USD)

  • 1,356,000 IPhone X’s $1,000 per unit

  • 1,356 McLaren Senna’s $1,000,000 per unit

  • 75,517 Ford Focuses $17,956 per unit

  • 22,600,000 years of XBox Live Gold $60 per unit

  • 16,950,000 years of IF Pro $80 per unit

  • 271,200,000 copies of the IF app $5 per unit

  • Aproximitly 3 A350s 😜



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