Deutsch (German) Language in #support

Hello community

I come to you today to request that we have German in #support. Since we already have Spanish, French, and English, I think it would be a nice benefit to have German. It would help with our fellow German members or anyone who speaks German.

I do recognize this topic is similar to:

however, I am requesting a specific one and not just any in general.

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Yep, IFC definitely needs more languages…
I think Staff need to see a more diverse range of pepeople with different languages within the community before they add them.
Great idea.


I have to agree. Infinite Flight is such a great game that it is literally known through the world. Not everyone speaks English so when they have a issue they have a hard time reporting it.

I think getting different mods of different diversity deserves it’s own topic and I’m gonna stay out of that right now as I really don’t know to much and but where our mods are from.

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Can you also add Slovak Language??lot’s of Czech and Slovak people will be
happy for that

Dňa 2.12.2017 1:42 AM používateľ “Delta_Alpha_Lima” <> napísal:

No…this is a request only for Deutch. If you wanna request Slovak, please request it here:

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@Moritz is willing to help. He has a lot of time nowadays


Might want to correct it to Deutsch :)


Oh geez shame on me 😂😂

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let’s stick to this topic:

For further requests inlcuding more languages in #support (specific to one language or not)