Detroit to Lexington | Pinnacle airlines flight 3781 l OCT 28 2005

Might create a old flight which features a bad outdated camera (which statics a lot and looks 80s) going on a short flight with Pinnacle airlines then continues to Washington DC with Airtran then Back to Detroit afterwards


Mitsubishi CRJ-200

Taken off pretty medium-light weight

We reached around FL240 shortly and flying around Ohio

Cabin overview of the CRJ-200 while flying

Like about 30-20 minutes later we approach Lexington shortly


Leaving the aircraft looking nice after a flight from Detroit and we gonna continue to Washington DC Afterwards

That’s all for today


I really like how you made these pictures look vintage! My personal favorite is the last one! That CRJ-200 in the Northwest livery is underrated! I would love to see another rendition of a vintage flight, quite the unique idea I haven’t seen on the Community before!

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@Zhopkins don’t call the quality horrid. He clearly put some effort into them and made them look like that on purpose. 🤦

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Yea mostly vintage pictures are rare since people dont fly mostly old planes enough

Also with the weird static usually happens in the game also when you screenshot and move in the same time

Nice photos!

I actually saw you flying this route!

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Cool! Hope you also had a good flight also