Detroit - Paris | Airbus A359

Oh hi! Haven’t been active much, but here are some photos from my latest flight! I guess we are going from Detroit to Pairs today.


Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: A359, Air France
[22:30Z - 0600Z]

Okay, let’s begin. We start at gate A38, at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, quite a long name…

After loading up on some ramen noodles, and some fuel, we are off!

Takeoff from runway 22L:

So, some time later, and I think we started the hop across the Atlantic, there was a nice moon out there.

Apparently, it takes some time to cross the Atlantic, so here is a wing shot.

As we near the coast of France, a beautiful sun starts to rise.

Final approach into Paris Charles de Gaulle.

A nice, (buttery?) landing on runway 09R.

Thanks for viewing my pictures! If you want me to fly a specific route, please let me know,

Also, @Suhas, my bananas were never delivered for them smoothies. :(


I’m very partial to these pictures because they are Air France. 😂

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Honestly, this flight would be operated by Delta, but, I maybe forgot…

Every single one is impressive, very good job!!

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Thank you!

It is Air France but with a 772 or 789

I mixed it up, Delta operates this flight with an A359. shrug

Nice Shots 👍

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Be patient, they are being shipped soon 👀

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THANK YOU, got to finish making that smoothie.

Love the moonshot!

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