Determining VrV1V2

How/what is the best way to determine your rotate speed? I use sim brief for flight plans but can’t seem to find VrV1V2 included?? Any help appreciated and thank you

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Here is a guide for you to determine VrV1V2 speeds depending on the aircraft model and weight configuration.

Also take into account the winds and length of runway
Some aircraft models do have speeds forVrV1V2 calculated in the but not all are included.
Hope this helps.


Hello! An alternative option to the above for lazy people like me is through a FPL website.

FPLtoIF’s SimBrief feature has V speeds auto calculated per your aircraft type/weight. Here’s a sample FPL, it tells you V1, VR, and V2 speeds! A very useful tool indeed.

Hope this helps.

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I like this also I do use this often and it has been helpful but I cannot seem to properly takeoff the a359 no matter the rotate speed I am all over the runway once i rotate, only aircraft I still have trouble with takeoff otherwise one of my favs

Have a look at the link I’ve provided for you. Go down to V1/V2/VR speeds - Google Sheets

Thank you man! Appreciate it!!

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No worries, glad to be of help 😎✈️

I personally don’t care. I just rotate whenever I feel is fast enough. 140 - 150 should be grand.

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I get what you are saying @IF-JPC but a near full loaded 777 for example will require more than 150 kts to get off the ground.
You try and take off 150 kts on that and it will struggle. there’s a chance it’ll stall, not taking account the winds, the temp, the alt and length.
Some like the precision that goes with V1/V2/VR, taking off in a more realistic professional way with the physics of the aircraft.

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