Details of infinite flight aircraft

Does anyone else look at the smallest details of an aircraft and just sometimes find something is not exactly the same as the real thing? Like the 777 300er wing in slightly thicker and it annoys me sometimes it can literally be the smallest thing


Anyone else confused ?

It would be better off if he used the A350 cockpit as an example

I don’t use the 773 so i have no idea

The 777 wing might look thicker because of the angle. the two images used are at different angles.

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I don’t really think this is worth obsessing over, it’s not egregious by any means. I would argue the engines are more a point of contention on this aircraft but regardless it’s close enough.


Just look closely

I get the appreciation of the fine details of each aircraft… But it seems like a very tiny issue in the grand scheme of IF overall, to me.

Of course, my desire is just to get to fly, with systems and overall flight behavior that’s somewhat realistic.

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