Detailed Icons for Light Aircraft

I’ve been noticing on the forum these last few days that people are complaining about ATC denying entry to TBMs and Caravans, so I was thinking maybe it’s time for a more specific aircraft icon, to help atc. On the pages I’ve read, etc say they didn’t realize the plane was a tbm, as the icon is the same or very similar to that of the xcub. If we change the aircraft icon for the map, then we can help ATC differentiate GA aircraft still allowed to access a class Bravo Airport

Pretty sure aircraft type is on the flight strip that atc have.

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It is and we can also click on the aircraft icon and press “show information”. It’ll give us the aircraft type, callsign, display name, and some of your stats.

Please no, we can already do that via your data tag and information. :)

So far today I’ve found three posts about ATC either not being able to or being lazy and not identifying these allowed aircraft.

Maybe, make the message about “light aircraft” automatic to avoid mistakes? I love TBM…

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Yeah that would work but if u have a lot of light aircraft in one space then the entire ATC screen is filled with text. Maybe a different color?