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Hello, I’ve been reading here by IFC and I noticed that in update 19.4 a change was made to the livery of the A321 of the delta, in this case the name was added on the belly of the plane (DELTA)

I would like them to do the same on the LATAM A319 and A320, because they both have the logo on the belly, and in the IF they do not, for this to happen is a resource topic necessary?



The credits are in the photos

IF’s photos are my authorship

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Actually… It had that when they first added it back in 2018. I don’t think they usually make changes to liveries after they are added.

If you want it to be changed, maybe make a feature request under the proper guidelines. This isn’t really the proper way to address it.


But it doesn’t make sense, something that had to be removed and then put again

It was in 2017 when they added the Delta logo to the belly, You can make a #features request, #general is not the place to request :)

Was there a feature for the delta to be added to the belly?

There is no need to make a feature request for “DELTA” to be added to the belly of the A321 as it is already on there and has been since 2017.

And if that was put in 2017 this photo traveled back in time

Never mind then, I took Plane Crazy’s word for it, my bad. Irregardless, it is on there now and was on their before the 19.4 update.

That photo was a WIP, when it was shipped, the logo also came with it

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I think the Delta A321 is beside the point. You are wanting the LATAM logo on the belly of the A319 and A320, correct? If so these are things you would need to make a #features request for following the proper format.

Okay, I was deceived by false information

this can already be closed

Closed on request.