Detachable Cabin for Emergencies

Seen this being posted around on facebook. I don’t know about this… What do you think?


Wow could be revolutionary!

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So let’s just let the pilots die. Okay.


What would
happen to the pilots in the front?

The parachute could snap!

In theory it is a good idea. There are probably tons of good ideas. I mean look at the CAPS system by Cirrus.
The issue is it would be a huge undertaking to get this safe enough for normal operation. It would be decades until it is common since it would only be new aircraft added as old are decommissioned. It’s unfortunate but true that anything revolutionary to airlines would take forever to implement.


What amazing animations!

Other possible uses:

-Offer parachute rides. Detach cabin at 35000ft and let passengers float down.

-Fly-by arrival. Fly over destination and drop cabin. No need for long descent procedures.

-Anti-hijacking. Jettison cabin containing terrorists.

Then the terrorists can still blow up the cabin…

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Airbus is said to be interested in detachable passenger modules. All over the news recently.


Ya. Absolutely. They have patented it.

This honestly has many flaws with it. It is a creative and innovative idea for preventing lethal crashes, but this would just not be feasible. Passenger comfort and space would have to be decreased and airlines would have have to increase ticket price to account for this. I could also imagine boarding time would be increased as passengers would have to board the capsule, and be driven to the aircraft, which could then begin push back, engine start and taxi. Ignoring what I said before, if this was to be implemented, here is what wouldn’t work in the event of emergency. First, seats and seat belts would have to be redesigned to protect passengers from the G forces of detachment, parachute opening and landing. Airlines would also have to get rid of all of their older planes and buy the new design, because passengers wouldn’t feel safe flying on planes knowing there are safer alternatives. Like I said, good idea but very un-economical to passengers and airlines.


I very much agree with you

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Novel idea. Certainly could see it happening.

That said, I won’t get anywhere near that thing without thorough government, wind tunnel, and aviation expert testing and approval


I thought you would’ve been mad with the grammar of the video at the end “Everyone who are interested in investing”

I didn’t watch that far.

This would be amazing, but what about the pilots and crew? They (at least the pilots) are stuck in the cockpit, which is not detachable.

That could cause more accidents!