"Detach Tug Before Taxiing" Message

I have noticed recently that if you forget to detach the tug before applying power to the engines to begin a taxi, the engines stay idle and the aircraft does not move anywhere.

Although it should be pretty apparent that you should detach the tug before taxi, I think it would be pretty helpful, especially for people like me who are prone to forgetting stuff like that.

As of now, I would imagine the message to be somewhat like what pops up before you try and push back with the ground equipment there.

Thanks for reading!

I wish the tug didn’t detach automatically when you set the brake 😭 I want them to show me the pins.


Yes! That would be so helpful if it just stayed there…that’s happened a couple of times…

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Great idea, maybe once the engines are running a masses that read “Pushback tug attached” would show up. I have forgotten the tug many a times while in thee cockpit view, so this would help.

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