I have been destroyed…

Where have you found this information to be factual?

Yeah… I don’t think this will work out so well. Do you have any structure for these “records”?

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But where is your source for this information?


… Your responses aren’t making any sense mate.


Agreed. Can a mod look at this?

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Quick question:

What is your purpose of making this thread?

Hey! On IFC we have a neat feature called “User Stats!” This can be found in the category hamburger thiny in the top right corner!

Here you can see your most active users… Even the TL1’s


What does that even mean?

@PilotCool Just found that you edited the original post. If you don’t have a good idea for a topic, then don’t make one. Simple as that.


I’d take the advice from your fellow community colleagues. It’s best to create topics that are thoroughly planned, formatted and encourage engaging conversations. This wouldn’t fit into the requisites I mentioned the sentence before.

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PS- I’d tone it down a bit too. Showing the community that you are easily triggered and immediately seek retribution won’t help you adapt and blossom in this community! Take a deep breath and ask for help from our Regulars. That’s what they are promoted for ;)