Destination missing from logbook

I was flying from London to Dublin and I noticed when I checked my logbook that Dublin was not listed on it?

Shamrock 126VA / Aer Lingus VA

My logbook is checked for rankings and presume this would affect my hours as the destination is not listed?


hmm, not quite sure but a few questions maybe to start with:

  • Did you despawn with your engines off at a parking position? If not, where did you despawn?
  • If the previous question was yes, did you land on the runway or maybe slihtly before the runway starts?

I selected a parking spot prior to spawning and when I hit enter it asked me to change my spot but from then on it was the standard startup, taxi flight, landing and shutdown.

I did switch off engine number 1 and start my Apu once I hit the taxi way but I do this every time?

Did you include the airport ICAO in your FPL?

It shows up on the replay log however?

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Yes, i used the official VA Route and used EIDW approach and arrival vectors

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Cool editing lol.

Not sure what’s going on there. Dunno how the logbook system works.

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Hello @Eire_Pilot 🖐

Speaking from a former staff member of EIVAs point of view you should be fine as long as the date, aircraft and flight time matches against what’s logged in the PIREP, this is something that happens unfortunately through no real fault of your own.

Hope your keeping well and that the flight training is going well ✈☘

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Happened to me also some time ago, you have to make sure you’re connected to the server before you leave your flight. If you use IFOperations for example, you leave IF in the background and after some seconds it disconnects from the Live Server. If you switch back to IF then and end your flight immediately your destination won’t show up in the logbook. Just make sure the dot in the top right corner is green when you end your flight and you will be fine.


Hi Jack

Perfect thanks for the info, trying to reach the famous FO position 😂

You did my check flight if I remember correctly 👍🏻✈️

I did see it flash red for a split second but I was at fl340 mid flight.

I’ll keep an eye out for that in future, thanks 👍🏻

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