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Today I decided to do a long-haul flight from Doha to LAX. The ETE once I reached cruise was 13hrs, 30 minutes. After flying for 2 hours the ETE was on 13hrs 22 mins… Not sure why. I then tried another flight from LFPG - LAX and the same thing happened - but being stuck between 9hrs 50 and 9hrs 40 over an hour of cruise! Idk if there’s a bug with the ETE or something. Please help.

It’s because of the winds, I believe ETE shows the time to your destination according to the current wind you have. If the wind stays the same throughout the flight then you’ll arrive at that time. However the wind doesn’t always stay the same which explains why ETE may change throughout the flight.

The ETE is based off your current speed and distance at that time. As the plane gets lighter it gets easier to fly and results in a lower time. Also wind can play a major factor.

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Oh ok, but usually I do many long-hauls and it’s never happened so, that’s kinda new to me 🤷‍♂️

Ok, thanks, I’ve done loads of long-hauls in the past and hasn’t happened before so yeah.

I’m not sure about OTHH - KLAX but LFPG - KLAX is because of the jetstream over the North Atlantic.

Planes don’t necessarily get “easier” to fly when they’re lighter but they can fly at higher altitudes when lighter resulting in lower fuel burn.

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