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My class was given the opportunity to plan a trip anywhere in the world. Because of my picky personality I am having trouble deciding. I have narrowed in down to either Perth or Sydney. Given the chance, which one would you rather go to? If you want to could you please explain why you chose one destination.

  • Perth
  • Sydney

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Sydney for Sure! It’s an amazing city with great big structures to look at, and YSSY is there too! Maybe if you get the chance, you might just get a little bit to do some plane spotting and post it in #real-world-aviation:spotting ;)

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Im guessing that this is for a research project or something?

Bondi is the way to go #Sydney [But Brisbane or Cairns is my personal choice] ;)

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yea its for a school thing

I’ve been to Sydney it’s great nice harbour and structures sorry to offend the Perth mongooses lol but Sydney is great.

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Might find yourself on an episode of Bondi Rescue (hopefully not in a bad way lol) 😉

I hope people get that TV show reference


I don’t know why I chose Sydney. I’ve heard many things about it, however the only thing about Perth that I’ve heard was that Quantas runs the longest in the world non-stop route from there to London.

I went to Sydney for 4 days a week ago. It was AMAZING! Especially since they have an event called VIVID on right now. The whole city is lit up blue and purple! Bonds Beach was amazing! I had a chat to those lifeguards on Bondi Rescue (TV show in Australia). Sydney is an amazing experience. I would go there any day.

And also New Zealand! 😉

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I’ve been to Sydney And it was nice! Would recommend there based off of experience

Definitely choosing Sydney. Thanks!

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What do you have to plan for the trip?

The Sights you’ll see?

Pretty much everything

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