Destination airport not showing on approach options

I was approaching CYUL but when i tuned to the approach frequency and tried to request approach CYUL was not showing up in approach options? Is this a bug or am i missing something?

Is the destination airport is the last entry of your flight plan? Sometimes you may have to exit the atc window and go back in for it to show. I am referring to your last entry being the airport itself, not a waypoint on the runway or ILS.


Yes it was, and tried that

Tough one i guess ;) here’s the flightplan

I also tried switching from app to dep few times, tuning out and in from both for around 20nm everyone else got vectored in just fine so i assume this is just on my end?

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@schyllberg might be able to help. :)

I had the same issue the other day. Removing the airport from the flight plan and adding it back fixed it. :)

I ended up diverting anyway but next time if that happens will try that :)

Actually, i tried that(deleting flightplan and setting it up again) too. I accidentally put cyul first instead of cymx So that didnt end up fixing the problem

@Starley, don’t you have to be within 50nm of your destination airport for it to show up in the approach list?

No, you don’t have to.
Once you contact approach, the airport should appear in the list if it is the last WPT.

The approach frequency appears on the ATC menu when you are ~65nm out. You can also contact them if you open the map, click on the airport and press “tune in” when you are a bit further out (not recommended to do that).

@Finnaviation - When did you “correct” the FPL? While you were on the frequency or before tuning in?

After i diverted, actually can be shown in the first picture, just after that

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